Vehicle Tracking

70 percent of all murdered taxi drivers would have been saved if you had found it 10 minutes after the fact and medical supplies with Northtronics protect system guarantee greater security in mobile work place your driver. “7 0 percent of all murdered taxi drivers would have been saved, if they would have found it 10 minutes after the fact and medical supplies”. The GPS positioning system creates the conditions for this. Continue to learn more with: Childrens Defense Fund. A driver in an emergency situation by simply pressing a button emits a distress call, its precise location can be – determined in our emergency call and service center within one second “on a few feet”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Center for Responsible Business. The coordinates display on the monitors of the Northtronics protect precisely systems emergency call and service center or your PC.

At the same time, the microphone is activated (optional). Our emergency can now go unnoticed in the taxi “into listen”, to learn to more details on basic and degree of hazard. NorthLoc24 vehicle tracking offers completely new possibilities for a more efficient organization of operations, as well as for the control of assets and working hours the professional tracking system for vehicle monitoring. Our Internet-based service provides of location – and time-independent use for an almost unlimited number of simultaneously working users. Our vehicle tracking works worldwide and in any GSM mobile radio network.

You need to install expensive software. You simply login via username and password to our tracking portal NorthLoc24. So is always verifiable in real time where your vehicle is just whether it stands or drives it straight in which direction. With an intuitive and logical structure of the UI on the Internet, ease of use and user friendliness is guaranteed. Special knowledge, expertise or costly software components are not required. The market offers many different, often very similar solutions. These usually consist of a box for the vehicle and an Internet portal with more moderate-quality maps. NorthLoc24 is one of the few, or is even the only GPS tracking is really professional. Also she can be optimally adapted to the individual needs of your company. With NorthLoc24, you can track not only your vehicles and staff, but also flexibly and quickly Dispose.

The Jaguar E-type

A classic among sports cars in the collection of the Museum of modern art in New York to join, should represent the accolade for a car. The Jaguar E-type, which came on the market 50 years ago, has succeeded. The vehicle Portal presents the classics. Under the conventional car, the Jaguar E-type is hard to find. The vehicle is not an ordinary sports car. The E-type, the British manufacturer Jaguar unveiled in the spring of 1961, was one of the first Super sports car. Shortly thereafter, manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari, as well as some others brought similar models on the market. Trademarks of the E-type were an incomparable design and its relatively low price in addition to its engine by then incredible 195 kW (265 HP).

The resulting qualitative shortcomings did however not affect the success of the Roadster. The most striking feature of the E-type was its long bonnet. Other manufacturers tried to imitate this characteristic, but achieved the dream of the Jaguar never. The E-type was designed as a successor of the Jaguar XK. The technology came from the sports cars by Jaguar, the D-type. The basic idea was to design a tour suitable sports car for the road.

Initially ruled still seem to be concern about, whether the concept would go on in the House Jaguar. So serious doubts whether passed probably ever would find 1,000 buyers for the new model. Ultimately, Jaguar sold a total 72.529 units during the production period of 14 years.

BookAclassic Com

Denmark’s innovative Klassikmobil rental portal now also in German-speaking countries a vintage for the film production? A Vespa for the window decoration or a Cadillac for the most beautiful day of your life? Easy online booking? expands with in the German-speaking world. Classic beech and rental made easy is Scandinavia’s largest booking portal for the hire of classic cars, boats, motorcycles and aircraft for use on the film set, at corporate events for VIP transport for commercials and photo shoots, in the Museum, at trade fairs or at private parties. is the largest online database for the unique vehicle rental and counts currently 230 objects worth over 20 million euros. 15,000 more are offline. On you will find US motorcycles and Italian scooter classic Porsche and Jaguar up to Cadillacs, double-decker buses and unique Military vehicles all kinds of classic vehicles. “ the BROKERAGE site” for classic’s booking system is as simple as unique: Car owners (private and commercial) make their jewelry pieces online for free no charge for it.

The anonymity of the objects is always maintained for safety reasons. The website automatically calculates the price of every customer’s request on the basis of maximum speed, owner, address pick up, time, duration of rental, etc.. The booking functionality is unique in this form. Automatic email and SMS to the owner with the order details and acceptance request. After acceptance, semi automated confirmation pages to the customer. receives successful bookings a fee which will be deducted from the contract price. Foundation development of 2010 first occupied as a hobby project a market niche in Scandinavia and has been quickly known in the media. Persistent customer requests, in cooperation with the University of northern Denmark (AAU) launched a project to develop of an innovative pricing system, which has been used for 2012 on the site 2011. At the same time, more and more providers of classics on went online and the booking portal has become the largest and most successful in Scandinavia. early 2013 expanded to the United Kingdom. This press release marks the beginning of the expansion of in the German-speaking world. COUNTRY – and AREA MANAGER looking for looking for automotive enthusiasts who make partner, area & country Manager for the expansion of the network in the German-speaking markets. “More information: classic looking looking proud car owners, their lovers pieces within the meaning of the Shareconomy” rent and thus safe and easy money would like to more information: information and registration / it was once a STUDENT with a yellow VESPA before twenty years brought Claus Stig Christensen, founder of BOOKACLASSIC.COM, in the summer with his beloved 1971 Vespa Sprint by Aarhus in Denmark. In winter but found no affordable garage for the good piece and so came the poor but clever student on the idea to rent his Vespa as shop window decoration on dress shops in the city. Said and done: The acquisition tour lasted exactly one hour. The Vespa wintered in three stores and Claus had dusted winter clothes in addition equivalent of 400 euros worth. Slowly formed a mission and a business idea MISSION retrieves Companion with soul in the minds of the people of today.

CREAM-partner Request Powerful Container Terminal For Sofia

Declaration on the improvement of intermodal transport in Hannover/Sofia Bulgaria. The operating in Bulgaria partners of the EU research project CREAM (customer-driven rail-freight services on a European mega-corridor based on advanced business and operating models) and other important actors in the transport market have expressed in a declaration for the improvement of intermodal transport in Bulgaria. These underline the need to strengthen the rail in South-Eastern Europe. The Declaration was now submitted to the Bulgarian Government. A leading source for info: Nieman Lab. Through the enlargement of the EU, Bulgaria is stronger as previously an important focal point. The freight corridors have experienced an enormous upswing by induced dynamic economic development until after Greece and Turkey. As soon as the global economic crisis has been overcome, again high growth rates are expected. Currently there is only an outdated container hub in Sofia, who can not cope with the rising demand.

The lack of infrastructure prevents an optimal use of the Pan-European Corridors 4, 8 and 10. Here, the sites in Budapest and Belgrade so far represent the last major transport hubs in direction South-East Europe. The share of intermodal transport is to be increased by improving conditions. To deepen your understanding BSA is the source. A special attention is that effective structures be created for the terminal expansion and operation and a powerful container transhipment terminal is set up in the region of Sofia. With the expansion of the Terminal in Sofia, the situation of international freight transport would improve enormously. Not only the site of Sofia will become more attractive through the integration, also the track itself can score with shorter transport times and improved quality for themselves. About CREAM in the EU research project CREAM 26 partners from 12 countries are involved including railway companies, the International Union of railways UIC, operators, research institutes and consulting firms. CREAM’ stands for customer-driven rail-freight services on a European mega-corridor based on advanced business and operating Models’: in this research project, customer-oriented solutions are to be developed to shift freight onto the rail. The HCon engineering company and the consultancy KombiConsult coordinate the project. More information: HCon Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH Lister Strasse 15 30163 Hannover Telephone: (05 11) 33 69 9-0,

Inevitable Development Trend

Large equipment is an inevitable development trend Our government attaches great importance to the coal industry, coal washing industry gets rapid development, which gives feeding equipment industry development space, also brings market competition pressure. Feeding equipment needs to adapt to the new situation and meet the requirement for high quality and efficient coal preparation; Therefore, they should do as following. (1) Emphasis on fundamental research, strengthen the management of scientific research. Basic research formulate a test basis to optimize the product structure, improve the quality and reliability, reasonably select materials and promote the application of new technologies and new product development. (2) Accelerate the automatic measurement and control technology research in coal preparation process. Coal preparation machinery automation is unavoidable way to improve work productivity, ensure the operations safety and reduces coal preparation costs.

Despite the history of automation technology applications is long, there has been some technical imperfecciones, the introduction and application of automation technology in coal preparation plant is relatively slow. Today, computer technology, sensor technology and artificial intelligence have developed to a certain level and feeding equipment automation process will be accelerated. (3) Improve the existing equipment. As well as other industries, the application of modern technology in the feeding equipment is growing, but the existing equipment will continue to be used and will tend to perfection. (4) Strict control environmental pollution. Environmental pollution caused by the feeding equipment noise and dust is serve, so controlling environmental pollution is prescribed in the national standards. Large feeding equipment has the advantages of high efficiency and big processing power; in recent years, large-scale feeding equipment has been widely used in the domestic coal industry, Hongxing machinery commits to take innovation on vibrating feeder and other large feeding machine, making contribution to environmental protection. Classifiers: cone crusher:

Mandatory Auto Insurance Parties

To circulate on the public roads with all papers a day, it is necessary to have a day compulsory insurance. For this reason, insurance automobile can be considered as a fixed cost to be considered within a car maintenance costs. In this article we will see the basis of compulsory insurance as well as suggest some places where you can find cheap insurance for your car. Let’s start with the definition of insurance. Car insurance is a contract between two parties by which the insured is covered in cases that determines this contract before claims with the car.

For its part, as its name implies, it is surely necessarily all vehicles must have by law a day to circulate. This is so in the majority of countries that traffic accidents are commonplace in these accidents do not suffer only the owners of the car but also third parties affected by this the need for compulsory insurance. You can also known as proper liability insurance precisely to the obligation as well as insurance against third party already covers all damages to be generated in the event that the insured is responsible for a traffic accident and covers the material and physical damages suffered third parties. When we talk about third parties we are referring not only to the victims of the accident but also to the companions of the insured. The fact of being an insurance against third-party means that all damage suffering from both the vehicle and the owner of the car is outside the policy. Well, as we know that when you purchase a vehicle must or Yes hire an insurance policy and that we will have to pay a monthly premium to keep coverage up-to-date we want also to be able to save as much money as possible since the cost will be monthly.Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, it is possible to get cheap insurance easily and online. Due to the wide range of car insurance, there are available many offers of greater or lesser price within the type of insurance against third parties.

Faced with this reality, it becomes difficult to choose for an insurance company. Let’s see how to facilitate the election. Firstly, it is important to identify in advance what you need for your automobile insurance. It is true that compulsory insurance is necessary for circular, may well be that you need a little more coverage with which is possible to extend the policy to one against third-party extended against theft in order to have a backup in cases of partial or total theft of the vehicle. Once it has been able to establish this, we need to spend to make a detailed analysis of the available supply. The problem is that a similar task involves the dedication of several days for this purpose. Fortunately, there are online tools that allow you to reduce this task to just minutes. This tool is known as a comparator for safe online and is a mini software that gathers all the necessary information to determine your driver profile and associate it with the type of insurance you intend to then threw him a list of results based on the better options in the relation cost-benefit. Compulsory insurance is necessary to circulate thus is important to be able to give with a cheap insurance that allows you to maintain the policy a day without incurring great expense. For further information we recommend visiting automobile insurance or compulsory insurance.