Promises of Campaign

During campaign that gave to beginning the management of the current government what it was seen had been promises, and as always some still they are for being executed. The problem is that for a intent population to everything, it is if becoming impossible to hide the facts. After all the eight years of a government incapable are gone there to fulfill, in integrate, with its commitments of campaign. I say this because in the day where in this country it will be possible to move a class action against ‘ ‘ Promises not cumpridas’ ‘ , who knows will today start a new stage that will go in providing one better quality to them of life, existing only in the thousands of pages that they compromise a constitution fails and archaic! Imperfection for not making to fulfill what same it determines as being essential, and archaic for its surpassed forms to interpret, what he is obvious. Lack renewal of laws and elaboration that folloies the exacerbado number of questions involving what he is public! She is necessary to urgently moralizar everything that if it relates to public representative, and its obligations, to start for the cities! Then we remain it certainty of that a headboard archive stops these politicians will be necessary where we will be able to register the workmanships that we must have as concluded and that so far they had at least left the paper! If it has projects that still it can come to be executed workmanships as the green Area of the Jackstay; raised, (among others) – that it would bind the deep ones of the city hall with the petrpolis, disencumbering the part of this transit that is not only worse because still it resists a little of serenity on the part of the conductors which if they venture ahead of innumerable obstacles, many of responsibility of the proper administration. The alert one fits therefore to that they do not want to have its burnt film that makes for where and its real intentions become public referring the campaign commitments! With certainty daqui for ahead will become to remember – each time more – on the part the passofundense community that, in contrast of that they promise and they do not fulfill, is the same contingent of voters who certainly will be apt to vote in the next lawsuits. Clearly that it has those that already nor if import more with its bases penalty that excessively ‘ ‘ companheiros’ ‘ , they will be the ones that will pay expensive for this indifference hour left pra face to the discomfort caused for who are government there! Jose Berton Branches Journalist.


The founders of Wu-Tang Clan were cousins GZA, Ol ‘Dirty Bastard, and The RZA who had previously formed the trio “Force Of The Imperial Master, which was better known as” All In Together Now ” after recording one single under that name. The group had gained the attention of the music industry, including Biz Markie, but had never sought to secure a deal with a label. Since the split, GZA (formerly known as “the Genius”) and The RZA (formerly Prince Rakeem) had also embarked on separate, and unsuccessful, run as a single with Cold Chillin ‘Records and Tommy Boy Records respectively.The frustration of the three cousins with the work of the hip hop industry to the Wu-Tang would provide the main inspiration for the revolutionary business plan that occur to RZA at the beginning of the 90s: this plan incuia not following standard procedures rap groups of the era, be underground and not give in to commercialism, and a complex sound musically and mystic without worrying about passing on the radio, apart from this, RZA was the first to bring the influences of Asian culture and martial arts within the group and, along with GZA, has also introduced the concept of chess in the philosophy of the group, this being a unique blend of Hip-Hop, Asian culture and fascination for chess. After developing this plan, in 1992, RZA promised the members of the group that if they allowed him to take full control (creative and administrative) group, in a space of 5 years the Wu Tang Clan dominate all international hip hop scene.5 years later, in 1997, this plan happened as he was raised with the release of Wu Tang Forever, RZA leave after this more creative control to the other group members. GZA in concert. The Wu-Tang Clan was gradually gathering in late 1992 by friends and accomplices from around Staten Island, with The RZA as the de facto leader and producer of the group, since it was the only one of them who had machines to do beats . The two cousins (GZA and RZA) created their new pseudonym imitating the sound that the words “genius” and “Rakeem” would do when they are scraping on a turntable. The band name itself comes from a martial art style applied to the sword, RZA and Ol ‘Dirty Bastard adopted the name for the group after seeing the kung-fu film “Shaolin and Wu-Tang”, which presents a school of warriors trained in Wu-Tang style (some of the dialogue taken from the film were used on their debut album).The group had developed several backronyms (retro-acronyms, or false etymology) to his name (as the pioneers KRS One and Big Daddy Kane did with their names), including “We Usually Take All Niggas’ Garments,” “Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game “and” Wisdom, Universe, Truth, Allah, Nation, and God “. This is reflected by the teaching of the 5 Nation of Gods and Earths, a sect racial considered as a branch of the Nation of Islam by Malcolm X. The group now known logo was designed by a graffiti artist and former business partner, Mathematics, who continue to become the DJ of the group and one of its most wanted producers. The Clan was known for hip hop fans and major labels in 1993 Following the launch of the independent single “Protect Ya Neck,” which immediately gave the group a large following underground.Though there was some difficulty in finding a record label that would sign Wu-Tang Clan while still allowing each member to record solo albums with other labels, Loud / RCA finally agreed and the debut album Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers in late 1993 was popular and critically-acclaimed, though it took some time to gain momentum. Though hip hop had had earlier forced a little texture, the surreal aggression and minimalist production of 36 Chambers had a huge impact on the genre, and was massively influeyente in the next decade, leading to invent a new style of hip -hop: rap hardcore. Inthe early twenty-first century, the album has been frequently elected on lists of best albums of the nineties, and sometimes even among the best in the Rap of all time. The success of Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers established the group as a creative and influential force in the early 1990s, allowing GZA, The RZA, Raekwon, Method Man, and Ol ‘Dirty Bastard to negotiate contracts as soloists.