Admiral Edward Vernon

Fashion for rum introduced sailors sailing fleet – they drank it as a means of prevention against diseases. Click CDF to learn more. British sailors, for example, drinking until 1970 – officially and almost forcibly: he was part of daily diet. Cancer Research Institute. can provide more clarity in the matter. Often rum diluted water to reduce the effect of alcohol: the first is thought Admiral Edward Vernon. In bad weather he wore a special coat – made of silk fabric grogram, for which he received the nickname "Grogrem. In honor of him and his cloak rum mixed with water, became known as grog.

What is that word – "rum"? There are many versions, and they all have a right to exist. There is an option that a shortening of rumbullion – the noise, the excitement – (as a consequence of drinking rum) – rum. Or option that the residents of the Caribbean islands known as sugar cane rum – out of it make rum. It is believed that the name given to the Dutch sailors who were drinking from large glasses rummer. Or the word rum comes from the Latin sacharum – sugar.

Or from a French flavor – arome, but then why the French themselves called rum rhum? Riddle At the Roma still has many names: ron – in Spanish-speaking countries, rhum – in France and its overseas departments (where he produced). He is also known as "The Barbados Water" and "Death to the devil" "Nelson's Blood, rumbo. Who invented the rum? And who invented rum – is unknown. In Europe, sugar cane was brought soldiers of Alexander of Macedon.

Foundational Area

Hotels in Mendoza capital to meet the foundational area once you have been lodging in Mendoza, the city offers a rich history to discover. We could say that this city is that more efficiently has been responsible for caring for their historical and cultural legacy. For this reason, a highly recommended tour is the visit to the foundational area. The city of Mendoza was founded in 1561 by Pedro de el Castillo. d Jr, then click here. On 2 March of that year, picked up the banner that proclaimed the creation of the new village. It had first been founded in 1551 in a zone of the Guaymallen Department. However, later it was necessary to move the location of the city, for which it was decided that it would begin the new site to the distance of an arquebus shot. Finally the bullet arrived to what is now the location of the square Pedro de el Castillo.

In 1861 the city suffered a terrible earthquake, in fact the largest earthquake in the history of the Republic Argentina. It was seven points on the Richter scale, and meant the death of a few 10,000 people, of a total population of 20,000 inhabitants. Virtually nothing was standing because almost all the buildings crumbled. To complete the disaster broke out a voracious fire, since at the time of the quake in the majority of the homes I was preparing dinner. As happens in many seismic movements, waters descontrolaron, so the flow of the River Mendoza contributed to much of the destruction. So great was the disaster that should rebuild the city in another site, 1 km to the Southwest. However, the desire to preserve historical treasures made the establishment of the foundational area Museum in 1993. The truly interesting thing this Museum is its underground structure.

In these cameras can see the source of the village, which had been destroyed by the earthquake, and whose mission was to provide drinking water to the city. They can also see remnants of floors and majolica from colonial times. One of the shows most interesting Museum is a series of photographs and dioramas reflecting the evolution of the City along the time, constitute a true document of the urbanity of Latin America. Check with your hotel in Mendoza, as insurance they will know indicate the schedules of visit to this place which is an open door to the past.

Cellular Aging Defenses

Royal Jelly increases the defenses of the organism in addition to possessing other curative properties for different conditions. In fact it is in study its composition for the purpose of knowing as it intervenes in infectious diseases. But it is known that it acts by stimulating the immune system because it produces an increase in lymphocytes and thus strengthening the body’s defenses originates forming a barrier against infections and viruses. Among his composition are minerals such as sulfur and phosphorus, amino acid and various vitamins such as vitamin A, D, C, those of the Group B and vitamin E. Before its beneficial to the Agency certainly composition properties are highlighted as salary increase of defenses, then it also acts in the oxygenation of the brain helping to memory for being rich in phosphorus; It acts against anaemia by stimulating red blood cells, white blood cells and hemoglobin; combat hair loss, prevents the formation of acne; It acts on the digestive system, about male impotence; as antioxidant works by reducing Cellular Aging, benefiting the skin; It has effect on male and female fertility; It is energizing is ideal couple cases of tiredness, fatigue and stress. Although Royal Jelly has no contraindications, (not only is indicated if this is a person with a chronic of the adrenal glands, Addison’s disease) or side effects can then consumed 100 ml.

per day or if it is managed with pills of 100 to 400 mg. per day only for two months, then requires a break of another two months to return to relapse into your daily intake, but always under medical prescription for avoiding possible allergies. In addition the intake must be before breakfast and accompanied with some fruit or some fruit juice. His form of consumption can be single or to multiply their profits can ingest also together with propolis, pollen or honey. Royal Jelly increases the body’s defenses is especially indicated when there is a nutritional deficiency in the elderly, athletes and the children.

European Championships

More Germany flags are purchased national pride is a subject that rarely takes a higher meaning at least in Germany due to the historic past. But always to the major football championships, which held alternately every two years, millions of enthusiastic football fans will dig out make-up, hats, scarves and other artifacts from her closet. This is also a Germany flag, which is always flown to European Championships and World Championships in front of the House so that each neighbor knows that one also is a sympathizer of the party with the Black Eagle on a white background. There are Germany flags in all imaginable sizes. Of small flags that you can hold easily in one hand on slightly larger flags that you can, wrap yourself around the waist or over the shoulders until down the flags, with which you can decorate whole houses, each seeking security will find it. And that’s a good thing, because that to stimulate the economy, on the other hand, it provides Flagging of the country with Germany flags for a we feeling that there are in this form only for the biennial football tournaments. Mass production and the rather cheap textiles can buy a Germany flag already at a price of only a few euros. Thus, a Germany flag is also ideal as a small gift for a football-crazy fan.

The age of the person probably plays a minor role, for both young and old fans wearing the Germany flag with full pride. In every European Championship or World Cup, it is amazing to watch how fan zones at the goal celebration within conversion of seconds to a sea of flags in any case. This shows that our country yearns for common celebrations and want to win always a little distance from the hectic world of work at least in these summer days. Whether in the motorcade in the stadium, on the fan mile or at home in front of the television with friends Germany flags definitely worthwhile and are a real eye-catcher with the schwarz-rot-goldenen color. In addition to the Germany flags sporting aspect assume an important role but especially at political events. Every time you visit a foreign statesman or at any reception of a German diplomat in the foreign press photographers want to shoot pictures.

Usually the opportunity the photographer, when representing political stand before the flags of the two countries. Last but not least, Germany flags so serve the political purpose, are also a part of the value, which is maintained in Germany after the bad times of the history in its meaning. Can you identify it, it is also no problem, to show the flag on public roads. Especially when the victories of the German team in the sports competition. The colors of the German flag are modeled on the uniforms of the volunteer corps of the so-called Lutzow Hunter origin. The members of this unit fought in the wars of liberation of 1813-1815 against the domination of Napoleon in Prussia and Europe. Black is the color of the uniforms, red for their Premiums, and gold for the brass buttons on the uniforms. In addition, there is still the historical background that these colors were the same as those of the Imperial flag of the Holy Roman Empire of German nation. This was a black eagle with red claws on golden background.

Employer Workers

Fire in such cases should be directly at the exit of the employee to work after a vacation or sick days. You may wish to learn more. If so, Boy Scouts of America is the place to go. If an employee is dismissed in violation of this requirement law, that such termination would be unlawful. With the written consent of the employee the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract before the expiration of two months by paying the employee an additional compensation in the amount of average earnings for the time remaining until expiration of notice. After the expiration of two months to prevent employee is dismissed by order, to which the workers are familiar under the painting. On the last day of the employer must give the employee work record (as per records of dismissal), other documents related to work and make final payment to the employee. Employer must be remembered that the forthcoming reduction in addition to the employee must inform the elected body of primary trade union organization, not later than two months prior to the relevant activities, and if the decision to reduce the number of workers or staff may result in multiple firing of workers – not later than three months before the start of the event. If the organization of elected trade union body is not, the employer has the right to initiate measures to reduce the number of workers or staff (ie, to warn employees about the impending dismissals), immediately after the relevant rulings of the workers to be dismissed. On the decision to reduce staff employer must also notify the local employment service offices.

From the next day 15 December 2012 until January 8, 2013, will take place in the plaza de San Antonio de Cadiz, the IX fair professional craftsmanship.IX Feria professional of the craftsmanship of Cadiz from our Monte Puertatierra hotel, one of the best located in the city, hotels in Cadiz may reach this far a walk or by public transport. As in previous editions, expected the same of influx and sales success. That marks the event with this fair organizing municipal delegation aims, on the one hand the dynamization of the artisanal sector in Cadiz. Thus, artisans of the city have preference in the allocation of stand, although there are many other Spanish cities from artisans are interested for weeks by the participation in the same. Another objective is to increase the number of direct sales of the producers of handicraft, dates of undoubted importance, by massive buying gifts that occurs. Finally, the made of artisans from other cities to come, causes a competition that leads to the desire for improvement necessary to achieve a higher quality product if it fits.

TU Dresden Architects

After disastrous fire protection planning and their chaotic implementation on construction sites, such as at the airport of BER in Schonefeld, which had believed any more: Berlin can fire! For the 3rd time is therefore Eberl-Pacan architects + engineers fire protection in cooperation with renowned partners and renowned speakers from the Berlin fire protection technical discussion. Event time and location: 12 September 2013? 09:00 17:00 Clock in the Spree store? Stralauer Allee 2a? 10245 Berlin (Oberbaumbrucke) registration the participation of the Berlin Senate in person of Ephraim Gothe, since 2012 Secretary of State in the Berlin Senate Department for urban development and environment, shows that the Berlin fire protection technical discussion has developed in two years to the most important annual Berlin fire event. His greeting is addressed to all those who want to support in tackling their fire protection tasks Berlin and its partner State and show their commitment by taking part in the event. Other partners and non-profit carrier of the event are Fire Trutz-Verlag, the Association of fire Planner e.V. (VdBP) and the Association fire (WVB).

A day of fire protection expertise in Berlin goal this training and briefing is professionals and interested parties competent information and suggestions on important issues of fire safety to offer, to impart knowledge to specific fire protection issues and to promote the exchange among experts about individual fire protection considerations. Congress is again accompanied by a special exhibition on the manufacturers and service providers to present their products in the field of fire protection. Four lectures, a four eye meeting and a panel discussion offering in-depth analyses, the edits of concrete examples and answering burning questions; comprehensible and practical assistance for the implementation in your company. Fire protection in buildings the 3rd Berlin fire protection technical discussion is devoted in a special way the fire protection in industrial buildings. This is a large task, the continually changes and Further developments are subject to. At the event the latest trends and insights for a safe and efficient fire protection in buildings are shown, which are marked and distribution or storage of products or goods and industrial production, treatment, recovery of the world of work.

Automate Your Sales

One way to automate your sales of your products or services is accepting different forms of payment such as credit cards, money orders, bank transfers. The higher forms of payment you provide to your customers, will lose fewer opportunities to make a sale, because not all people want to pay with credit cards, not to trust or run the risk of online fraud. Among the companies that I can suggest you are totally reliable, effective is its services in the international market, its history, to turn the vast majority are what I use. Here are lists and give you a short description of them. Click Boy Scouts of America for additional related pages. 2Checkout This company is one of the most efficient on the market accepts both digital and physical products worldwide. The company is based in USA, it gives you an online purchase form in Spanish, besides having a fast and efficient customer service in both Spanish and other languages. The cost is $ 49 one-time charges you 4.5% plus $ 0.75 USD per transaction, sends you your money by check or wire banking. This company accepts only: Clickbank digital products, process your online credit card payments and Paypal.

You manage your affiliate program, taking you by paying your bills and your afflictions. The cost is admission is $ 50 and charges you 7.5% + $ 1 USD per transaction, sending your money by check. Paypal is used to sell products and services, receive donations, subscriptions and recurring payments. It allows credit card payments, transfers and Paypal accounts. Does not charge entrance fees or monthly fees or unsubscribe, or require annual commitments. You can receive payments or send money to your Paypal account immediately open. Need a credit card to verify you as a seller. Google Checkout Among the other form of payment that I can recommend you this Google Checkout, recently released by Google, sending money online, unfortunately, is currently only for USA and the UK, I imagine that soon it will spread to the rest of world.

Another company is XOOM, this company, the recipient can collect the money, minutes after being sent in any office that lists depending on the country of origin, or conversely a person buys your product and it makes sending money, accepted worldwide. Moneybookers This company is from England, you can make money online shipping, banking Transferred from one account to another, from cell phones, you can make payments for auctions, selling and / or buy products, is very efficient and effective service to customers in Spanish as their control panel that you provide. Western Union and MoneyGram These two companies, you have to shipments coming close to their offices in your country of origin once made money by sending your purchase, you have to send a verification code you provide them to the person did you check the sale may be delivered and send you the link so you can download the product administers.

Natural Help For Teens Maintaining Healty Weight

A healthy diet during adolescence is essential for proper physical and mental development. But what and how teens should eat? The formula is deceptively simple: balance, variety, sufficient calories, and most importantly, do not ban any food because the constraints and compulsions are counterproductive.a In this critical age, emotions and affections, may adversely affect and interfere with a good education dietetics. Very often we eat in terms of how we feel. At the same time, our mood depends on the food we have eaten. This reciprocal relationship is especially true during adolescence, the stage of the fastest growing life with early childhood. Alterations and nutritional deficiencies may end up having great significance. Not only in terms of development and size, but also in the emergence of serious eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. At this stage of life, the total rejection or delivery to the food frenzy can become a way to overcome the feeling of emptiness and frustration.

At the same time, adolescence is a period of growth at an accelerated pace, during which the child eventually becomes an adult. The changes affect not only the physical appearance (increased muscle mass, bone mass, fat, sexual development), but also to the entire complex mental (motor coordination, cognitive adaptation, intellectual, emotional and cultural). One of the most stressful situations is, fat or not to follow some standards of beauty unhealthy body. The self-imposed a strict diet can become the prelude to many eating disorders. These alterations occur at a time of life when nutritionally requirements are higher than in adulthood.


Many agree on the fascination we feel for the birds. Here and there we can see these beautiful creatures of nature joyously singing and flying. We can also see his beautiful plumage that often brings the most varied and bright colors. These traits make for many and for me the birds live an attractive and admirable. It is this fascination we feel that there are many many places where there selling birds. Traders engaged in selling birds take this fascination of people to offer as a product in the market, but may have to stop and think some things about the sale of birds before happily go to any store to purchase birds.

I think there are many things you think are related to the purchase and sale of birds. Let's say the first is a consideration with the birds themselves: if we love and admire for what we want to see them captive?. We know that when we are buying birds in sites selling birds are acquiring a caged animal to have it unless we go to a place selling birds to acquire and release, which is equally dangerous if not done properly. When buying a bird in a bird sales are sponsoring a behavior that makes the birds are removed from their natural environment for captives who are sadly in one place, depriving them of their natural environment and life development. This would be a first consideration on the sale of birds. Another thing to consider is if you look at places selling birds are selling birds is allowed to sell on the international and national environmental standards governing the country.

This is especially true when you find a place selling birds where exotic birds are being offered to customers. The sale of birds is greatly restricted, since there are many exotic birds that are endangered or suffer much abuse in the process by which they capture and then deliver it to where it is the sale of birds.

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