Putumayo World Music Presents

Musically across travel through Europe by the nursery from over 50 countries that have their own culture, history, traditions, cuisine and music belong to Europe. European playground”combines lively and engaging songs and tunes by contemporary artists from the various countries of Europe. Although all the songs are sung in foreign languages, easy to sing. The funny songs seduce to spontaneous dance routines in the nursery, time not to mention the jumping on a trampoline. All tracks are selected so that they are aimed at the interests of the small audience.

The Scandinavian Sas & Kopp, where begins the journey North, sing it with friends in the backyard on a trampoline to bounce. This weightlessness, this butterflies in the stomach, what child does not know this? The Swiss Roland Zoss sings a magic land, where teddy bears to life awaken during Alex Schmeisser in his song Anneliese”celebrates the friendship between a large cow and a small mouse. In the Grande nation will We know that great emphasis placed on good food. No wonder therefore, that the Frenchman Alain Le Lait contributes a chanson about culinary delights. The Englishman Herbie Treehead in turn speaks in his “change song” the universal theme of becoming bigger and change to: “we all have to change sometimes!” As with all Putumayo albums shows also European playground”as alien or exotic styles of music become a global phenomenon. For example, the tracks from Holland, Greece and Denmark are Caribbean touch. A comprehensive booklet in four languages offers parents the opportunity to learn more about the music & countries on the CD with their children.

The Putumayo Kids site is an accompanying map of Europe provided, which can download for free parents and teachers, to deepen the musical journey. Here children of also Herbie Treeheads can fun “change song” watch the music video. European playground”continues the tradition of the popular series of playground to the world “Playground”, African playground”Caribbean playground, French Playground, folk playground, animal playground and Hawaiian Playground” belong. So far, over 2.5 million CDs were sold by the playground set. As always in Putumayo, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD to a children’s charity will be donated. With the purchase of European playground”donate to the European Federation for street children (EFSC), an NGO that cares for street children in Europe. European playground”is now available in record trading. It has the trip ahead of her, straight out of the holiday is zuruckgekehert, or remains at home: “European Playground” to families on the holiday tune, revel in memories of a European tourist destination or just with the children enjoy the musical diversity Europe at home. “European Playground” is available in record stores and costs about 15.

Consulate Czech Republic

Czech News Agency. From September 2010 reception of documents from foreign citizens in the Czech Republic by the consulates of the new forms of profiles with personally identifiable information. Questionnaire Consulate Czech Republic has become larger in volume, and carries more information about each natural person, starting from the date of birth, place of work and ending with the data on relatives. Truthfulness of the information specified in the questionnaire by each foreign applicant directly plays a role in solving question for Assigned visa with residence permits. Attention to the Czech consulate in Astana in September 2010 when they apply for long-term business visa requires an original insurance policy of the Czech insurance company for each applicant, the founder of the firm or a private entrepreneur. Note that the Czech consulate located in the eu countries do not require a valid insurance at the time of filing, insurance is only needed at the time of receipt (pasting) visa with residence permits.

The new bill on immigration to the Czech Republic since 2011 is ready and waiting for their turn to consideration of parliament (Vlad), Czech Republic. Remain a matter of days for those aliens who manage to submit their papers for obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic under previous legislation. Our company expects the new law will finally learn to distinguish between the authorities of the Czech Republic in the crowd immigrants who actually want the country and those who can give a waiver on visa applications.