Central America

If Raul Castro as the new leader of Cuba will seek to link more to his country on the world market and to the rest of the continent and the European Union, Raul Reyes was the Chancellor of the FARC which sought to make that their movement is accepted throughout the hemisphere as a belligerent force able to be officially recognized. The FARC know that they lost one of their key boxes and this embolden Uribe and their armed forces. However, this will reset to new boxes in his replacement and will want to take advantage of the tragedy to turn Reyes into a martyr and a symbol of how Bogota has not hesitated to violate the sovereignty of another nation or affect the process of negotiations hostage pro-liberacion. Correa has denounced the Colombian army attacked a camp of sleeping people producing a massacre, which also affected an Ecuadorian merchant that nothing had to do. BSA may find this interesting as well. Uribe, seeks to use the death of Reyes to show that the hard line can give results. He offers to the more than one million people marched against the FARC on February 4 its capacity of leadership and be able to do away with a movement which he qualifies as a terrorist plague for his nation.

However, he knows that this will generate new critical internal and, above all, external. For Chavez he comes becoming the South Israel. Lula would prefer a negotiated settlement with the guerrillas since Brasilia for a military, besides being very bloody exit and you will last much, can end up undermining South American stability. While the Castroism has a Raul as its new President in Cuba, they now have another Raul as his main new martyr in the largest armed conflict in the hemisphere, the same they want that type Central America lead in a process. Original author and source of the article.

Latin American

The myth as we conceive it and understand influences our world and our destination; from there that we have mentioned that the one is not told but lived reality. ES difficult to convince a peasant – and the more peasant, harder – than Elf, for example, does not cause tempests, cares for and destroys the fields and crops; occurs in the form of dwarf or child, carries enormous wings straw hat, plays flute or tiple, hides in the roofs of the houses, throws stones, pursues the marriageable girls, and which are creatures that roam that he died without baptizing. It is also impossible to do this change of opinion regarding that witches are not hechiceras women who have a pact with the devil, travelling at night, especially Mondays and Fridays, in sticks of broom, baskets or egg shells; you give gigantic on the roofs of the houses; and they laugh with loud laughter; that you never sleep; they have long noses and messy hair; that suck their blood to the newborns and steal it; making spells and for away from what place a broom behind the door, making four crosses in the ground, put two machetes in cross or pray the creed upside down. There are many myths in Choco related to other myths of Colombia and, if you want, with myths of Europe and Africa, obviously with their own or regional connotations. Permanent contact between social and cultural elements that make up Colombian and Latin American ethnicity resulted in racial and cultural hybridism and the emergence of an indisputably mestizo people. Here is derived from the resemblance of chocoanos myths with other myths, its survival and continuity. In particular, the myths are, therefore, closely related to other myths that, to tell the truth, they have ancient roots in distant continents and peoples, but with adaptations authentic that they conceive as our own reality, in our own environment, with an idiosyncrasy that belongs to us.

Latin America

The Tarot is an exciting discipline and a research topic which has led to a large number of people, with different approaches to thinking, to make long searches on its origin and meaning. Nieman Lab has plenty of information regarding this issue. Occultists, philosophers, historians and psychologists have studied the Tarot cards and have tried to unravel its origins, coming to suggest a direct connection with other currents of esotericism, as the Egyptian occultism, the Cabala, Alchemy, magic and Sufism. There are many conjectures in this regard, and as in the esoteric, although much look, always achieve discern only a part; the rest is revealed to a few initiates, leaving all of these knowledges under the strictest secrecy. Secret transmission that served to preserve the art, to avoid religious persecution and also, to avoid circumvention of the skeptics. So far, what we know today is the Tarot decks exist and are used as game of cards and fortune-telling, with a traditional format that for centuries remains a practice very widespread in Europe from the 15th century. The Tarot has been practiced in all walks of life: from the courts more refined, until the popular classes, becoming the Roma people, with its well-known nomadism, and fondness for divination, who finally spread it throughout Europe and Latin America.

Previously playing cards had been used in the Muslim territory and settlements moors of Spain. Then appeared in Europe the common decks of the Mamluks of Egypt. In 1367 references appear in Switzerland over a game of cards with 52 cards, but without wildcards. From 1377, gave greater boom and diffusion in Europe of come down them.The Tarot cards were developed later, with a deck similar to the current one, but with 16 letters and his figures were Greek gods and four kinds of birds.Some attribute the origin of the Tarot cards to royalty Italian, others to influence Muslim and Gypsy in Spain. It is true that, as a game and form of divination decks were disseminated much from 1450 throughout Europe. The letters of Oldest Tarot that survive are those of the so-called Cary-Yale Tarot, (1442, Milan), with 66 letters.

Latin America

The notion of intinerancia was not new: since the late Middle Ages, merchants and professionals had travelled throughout rural areas to attend their clients. In Europe, the agricultural science was evolving rapidly by 1840s, with notable progress made in Germany by Justus von Liebig in Giessen, and the establishment of agricultural experiments of Rothamsted in England in 1843 by John Bennet Lawes and Gilbert Henry. Your sample and agricultural societies were flourishing. Numerous papers and periodicals were directed to farmers. Agricultural schools, if not common, had been established in the majority of European countries.

Thus, a small minority of young farmers and landowners, had received an education in their profession, while trained farmers purpose they were available to be hired as agents of the property or the teachers. Many of the more progressive landowners employed agents to travel around their farms to urge improved methods of their tenants. As the main element, it was necessary to create agricultural extension, this germ services, they were already present in France, Germany and United States. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the majority of national agricultural extension agencies had its beginnings in the mid-1950s, having been established some few to late 1940s and others at beginning of 1960s. The experience of Asia and Oceania was analogous to that of Latin America and the Caribbean, except that the central period was around 1960. Moreover, the countries of the third world had few faculties of Agronomy or agricultural universities when they achieved independence, in almost all countries the agricultural extension was attached to the Ministry of agriculture, and not a Faculty of Agronomy as it did in the United States. (Anon, 2002). The term agricultural extension reported used in Venezuela since the middle of last century, referred to as fomento agropecuario and based its action, as Rodriguez, j. 1996 on policies aimed to train and orient farmers and increase their knowledge and skills in modern techniques of agriculture.

Latin America

The first recordings of Reggae in Latin America were made in Panama in the mid 1970s. A large number of Jamaican immigrants, while they built the Panama Canal, brought Reggae music with them and introduced it into the local population. Nando Boom is considered one of the first Panama Ragga djs. Without Panamanian reggae djs such as El General, reggaeton would have never prospered. Some even argue that the Reggaeton music originated in Panama, and that simply Puerto Rican performers added influences from music house and hip hop.

Reggae is a style of music developed in Jamaica and is closely linked with the Rastafari movement, although it is not universally popular among Rastafarians. In 1985, the rapper Vico C from Puerto Rico produced one of the first records of Spanish rap. Thus, two major influences of the genre were in place, as well as the two main producing countries. This album is considered to be one of the first albums of quality with touches of this new genre that was imminently going to be born, Reggaeton. Reggae production took off seriously in Panama in the early 1990s, almost at the same time that Jamaican ragga imports were becoming popular in Puerto Rico. It was common practice for that then translate an original song by Jamaican reggae (the same melody and rhythm, but with lyrics in Spanish). Towards the middle of the 1990s, Puerto Ricans were already their own rhythms of reggae with clear influences from hip hop and other styles. These are considered the first tracks of Reggaeton, initially called bass, a shortened form of Underground. Today, music flourishes throughout Latin America and Reggaeton is a popular genre known throughout the world and with a bright future ahead.

Embassy North American

I understood his anguish, I told him not cared, I motivated to go to the Embassy North American and request a scholarship to AID (American International Development). I did it with confidence, security that would be me. Talk to the responsible of the scholarships, comment you on my situation, did me it fill up all the required documents and told me that it did not guarantee an answer affirmative. I went to where a guy, asked you that he gave me the return ticket to Monterrey and one day he rewarded it is, fortunately did and so I returned to the institution, I spoke with the Chancellor raised him my problem and it allowed me to sign me and everything was on the lookout for the response to my request of scholarship. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Fortunately after two months of starting the course came a notice that the grant was approved, scholarship, which covered all expenses the rest of my career, a very full scholarship, I will never forget this institution, above all, by the confidence that had on me, I turned to her fully and certainly part of my training I owe to this. Definitely appreciate all that my grandfather gave me life, thanks intangible and in order to not leave the tradition of the Vanegas, in honor of his effort, I chose to study law where I graduated, practiced it a time not with excellence as the Vanegas group did as famous criminologists, I did what I could, not shared with the right some irregular things, ethics violations, personal interests, injustice, decided to identify me more with industrial engineering where I have reached big satisfactions. I trust his spirit must be in a place of those who comply with their mission, I have no doubt that this with your mother and mine (his beloved daughter), as well as very close to God you can be assured that I will try in life give my best and contribute my knowledge, helps anyone who demands it…Thank you for helping me in your step by this plane, grandfather already we will see… Original author and source of the article.. Filed under: Dr. Neal Barnard.

Planet Earth

Because something bad was about to happen on earth because of climate change and that she and her brother should change the final course of the destiny of Hercolus and planet Earth. There was a proximity between the planets that would mean the end of life if she and her brother are not fulfilled on time. Asked to happen what happened not let Raquel, she loved her as much as he., loved her also asked him to seek help to earthlings, that will help UNESCO wing to the Planet Earth, delivering a few projects who himself made for the preservation of life on the planet and explained that the basement had a large blue envelope, once all pass, must be on planet Earth and deliver that on wing UNESCO. At that time Aissa images came you to your mind of as trees were eroded, were dry in midsummer, how the floods had caused the disappearance of five cities in the past 3 years, and how any type of sport or even pools should be under roof protected environment. Aissa was astounded, he believed that his grandfather was sick or had senile dementia, saying if many horrific things were happening but it wasn’t so bad, at least we in the news does she a herculiana?, couldn’t be she, it was American, who liked to rock. He knew how to play guitar, who had friends, who was a cheerleader, which was an excellent student, He knew that his parents and his brother were in another world was obvious to think that they were dead, didn’t know because this sweet ancianito told this story. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts. Aissa progressed to the phone to call Raquel her grandmother. Rachel was in the city receiving a cheque for the sale of a book he had written, suddenly Grandpa air lacked, began to agitate and called him, Aissa came up and hugged him strongly telling you that it wasn’t, his hands fell, his gaze was fixed, died of a fulminant heart attack. . Hear from experts in the field like BSA for a more varied view.


I’m sitting in front of my PC thinking (fundamental action in the law of attraction), in the talk that I had a couple of hours with the person that is responsible for the maintenance of my van, in Argentina we say mechanic, but as I receive many email from different parts of South America, Spain and Canada among others, seems wise the clarification. He is called Mario and is trying to make the law of attraction work favorably in his life, but for now not what is getting. The issue is that Mario began some time ago to perform some exercises that I myself instructed, so I caught my attention that were not working, so I began to interview him doing that I had with luxuries of details that towards, as toward and when it towards. Me the following story: stands all day 5 AM, brushing your teeth and then while breakfast for ten or fifteen minutes, is dedicated to thinking, visualize and try to attract what you want into your life, then stands up, takes his car and turns to face another long day of work, is bothers with a couple of new inexperienced employees, argues with protesters at midday customers is given a time for lunch while watching the news on television knows how bad this country and the world in general, afternoon repeats the action of the morning, to return to their home past the 9 P.M. where he shares dinner with his wife, who takes advantage of having your attention for a moment to tell the problems that also tube she during the day, then go to the bedroom to look at a very well known and successful TV program that has more than twenty years in this country, to finally fall asleep and trying to rest already that morning the story is repeated. It is not my idea to tire with the routine life of my friend Mario, but I found it necessary to mark details of how it develops their day so they will understand the following. PCRM is often quoted on this topic.


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