CarDelMar Launches Social Media Campaign

Car rental company is now creative on Facebook and other Web 2.0 activities Hamburg is planning the June 22, 2010. The holiday rental CarDelMar launches a large-scale social media offensive. Now, the broker has their own pages on Facebook. “Under the Facebook keywords CarDelMar Germany” and CarDelMar for travel agencies “Facebook users in Germany will find current information about CarDelMar, valuable tips and information about car rental. In addition, there are attractive discounts exclusively for Facebook users. CarDelMar plans similar actions for his foreign clients for example via Facebook France or Facebook UK.

More activities on other Web 2.0 channels are in preparation and will follow shortly. With our new pages on Facebook we want to directly reach customers and travel agents and enter into dialogue with them”, explains Carsten Greiner, CEO of CarDelMar here we see a high potential to provide real added value and Bookings to generate”. Starting from a market analysis on the topic of social media marketing, CarDelMar plans its presence on other channels. Kick-off for the next social media activities by CarDelMar should be in the next few weeks. The broker CarDelMar, caters to cheap car hire at all inclusive prices with freedom since March 2005. Thereby, CarDelMar cooperates with renowned international car rental companies such as Alamo, Avis, Europcar and local car rental. All car hire deals by CarDelMar can be booked at a travel agency or directly at. Contact: Sonja Maue CarDelMar holiday car hire Ltd. Spaldingstr 77 D-20097 Hamburg Tel. +49-(0)-40-180 48 36-13 fax. +49-(0)-40-180 48 36-99 E-Mail:


Well, so they are sometimes, our “Doctors”, says Penker smiling, because we know that is true at the age of 66, because life begins with 66 years, it’s fun “and Hermann Penker, who now play goes with his two grandchildren, probably thanks to the Gymna is the living proof. The medicinal herb Gymna (Asclepiadacae) contains the Gymnasaure (Asclepiadacaesaure), which seems to enhance the endogenous insulin effect as well as the exogenous injected insulin effect as active anti diabetic active ingredient. Taking this plant substance leads to a reduction of fasting glucose and a reduced need for insulin, a significant reduction of HbA1c and plasma protein content. Neither healthy nor diabetes patients found an effect leading to hypoglycemia. (Source: Bailey 1989;)Babu 1990, Ivorra 1989, Nadkarni 1976, bone 1996, Prakash 1986 Chattopadhya 1993 and many others). The anti diabetic effective ingredient can support promote so the body’s insulin in diabetes mellitus type 2. Studies seem to confirm that the Asclepiadacaesaure has the extraordinary ability to regenerate beta cells in the pancreas (pancreatic) in diabetes mellitus type 2. The administration of Asclepiadacaesaure from the leaves of the Gymnapflanze when a group has controlled clinical trials clinical trials “diabetes mellitus type 2 – patients” with a HabA1c value of 10 and later a reduction of the measured blood glucose values (plasma glucose concentration) of 216 mg / dl to 178 mg / dl after a short time result.

The blood glucose values measured 2 hours after a meal (2-hour postprandial plasma glucose concentrations), were minimized by 28 per cent (reduction by 295 mg / dl to 212 mg / dl). The administration of the medicinal plant reduced the HabA1c patients from this group by 11.1 on 9.9 after 90 days. (Source: “effect of extended release Gymna leaf extract alone or in combination with oral Hypoglycemics or insulin regimens for type 1 and type 2 diabetes”, author: Joffe, DJ and freed,) SH). Read more reports of apimanu MedJournal on Facebook and stay always informed: pages/apimanu-MedJournal /… apimanu MedJournal Dr. T. Kuhn Apdo 362 03730 Xabia (Alacant) / Spain apimanu_MedJournal.html


Somebody infuriated with the accounts of the power I publish it wrote an article and it published in the Internet. The article disclosed that a driver of the Senate gains more to direct an automobile of what an officer of the navy to pilot a frigate. That a director without direction of the Senate, whose heading is alone to justify the wage, gains the double of a concursado federal university professor, with mestrado, doutorado and international prestige. An assessor of 3 level of a member of the house of representatives, who also has this heading to justify its profits, earns more than a scientist-researcher of the Foundation Oswaldo Institute Cross, with many years of formed, that he dedicates to its time searching cures and vaccines to save lives. thus cites plus one four cases of disobediences and in the end it says that a reform in the demoralized politics of the country is urgent, that these ' ' currais' ' electoral, that they had transformed Brazil into an oligarchy without escrpulos, where the public affairses are managed by ' ' brasiliense sews nostra' ' the country of the future never will arrive it without it has social responsibility and with the public expenses. To accept these things, as it was thus had that to be same, or that nothing it has more skill. finishes saying that we lose the capacity of infuriating in them.

The Organization Or The Individual

"THE ORGANIZATION" not the individual? Nelson Astegher. The American psychiatrist Ralph Cook says in the book a The Country corrompidoa that American citizens have abandoned their moral Staff by a collective morality, institucionailizada. That is, they have abandoned the belief committed reflective sentimentality and popularity, ie, responsibility for obedience. Bitter medicine indeed. There are at least two kinds of moral influence to American citizens today, (and everyone else), social morality and personal morality and individual morality.

And it is the social moral sentimentality proposing compromised. Personal Morality: Can you begin in business or professions with their feet on the bottom rung of the ladder, is gaining strength in you to climb to reach the summit. You can do this if you have the will fueriza and pushing. Succeeds the man who calls him … as soon as they start earning money, form the habit of saving part of their salary. Other than a dollar each ten wins.

The time will come when you have some money saved can control the circumstances, otherwise the circumstances control you. If an individual has earned their money power and successful efforts will boost its neighbors traibajar harder. In America is the only merit test. The birth means nothing. The merit is the supreme and only essential qualification for success. Personal Morality emphasizes the hard working, hard work and self confidence. Reports the most individual. It teaches that each person is responsible for their own achievements, and if they are diligent, honest, hardworking and independent, will accomplish the things you value.

The Support

Share your fears. Confess your fears to your spouse, your family, your friends, your pastor – who makes you feel comfortable enough to share their personal thoughts. If you have a supportive spouse and family, show concern that their current circumstances, affect your relationship with others and jointly plan how that can be avoided. So many couples withdraw when under stress. /a>-2011. The jobless couple feels very tired and lost as a call to the high energy required for a successful job search campaign becomes more and more difficult. The partner is still working feels stressed the increased responsibility of being the only breadwinner. Because they do not realize how painful and are its frequent rejection disappointing, they begin to think that you are not interested in finding a position, he is not looking hard enough. Share your feelings principles and be part of a team effort or it may form part of unpleasant statistics showing a high percentage of displaced workers encounter marital conflict, separation and divorce.

Use your friends and acquaintances. Ask for and receive the support of those around you not have to mean exploitation. People who know you, like you, and care about you will be happy to help whenever they can. Do not be embarrassed to ask their help and make clear, concise and direct. Just "dropping hints" and feel frustrated when no help is forthcoming is counterproductive. Call sheets all you know and vow to return the favor for them when their positions are reversed.

Scientology Church

This campaign is a huge step accordingly, to let a generation growing up who will be spared from the effects of drug abuse every 12 seconds an another class for the first time tried illegal drugs. This is a serious reminder of how widespread drug abuse among young people is indeed. Scientology provides effective information materials to inform Church for this. To educate in this area, the Scientology Church sponsors the largest non-governmental drug information and prevention campaign of the world. It turns out that drug use among young people in the mass decreases as the drug facts are communicated to them. Thus, the Scientology Church has factual information about what drugs are and what they do.

A series of polls has shown that this campaign for a drug-free world has held so far some 500,000 young people by taking recreational drugs or saved from worse. It is however still much more to do. Therefore, the Scientology Church offers its publications (the Ideas of Scientology included, nor they represent) equal minded anti-drug associations, State agencies, citizen initiatives and schools. These materials include thirteen information booklets series facts about drugs, which attack the most commonly consumed drug in a direct and simple way to educate young people about the actual effects of these drugs. There is also a study guide, a guide to activities, as well as a kit for educators. With these materials, teachers, policemen and community groups have effective tools in hand to to educate young people about drugs and to enable them to take decisions in this regard correct.

It was also mentioned that there is a new, 90-minute documentary, which is accompanied by facts about drugs with the booklets of the series and adds. Each video chapter offers an in-depth look at each individual drug narrated by those who have survived the dependency. All in all is the Campaign for a drug-free world a giant leap in the direction of a generation to grow up, which is not affected by the devastating effects of drug abuse.