Bioparc Fuengirola

Leverage that it has not yet come the winter to rent your car in Helle Hollis and visit places or activities that before, by time and the crowds of people, might be uncomfortable. Moderate temperature this time falling in the Costa del Sol (average temperatures of 22c) invites to perform activities outdoor as a stroll along the promenade or go out and play golf. In addition, time still permits sit on a terrace and enjoy the gastronomy of the Costa del Sol or even taking a walk by the beach. There are many excuses that has to travel to Malaga but if were few, has to know that if you rent a car in Helle Hollis now you can get a free entry to Selwo Marina, Selwo adventure, to the cableway of Bioparc Fuengirola or Benalmadena. This way, you have the possibility of having a beautiful view of Benalmadena and an overview only of the coast, move to lands as exotic as Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia in the Bioparc Fuengirola live an adventure at sea along with dolphins at Selwo Marina or enjoy wildlife, adventure and nature as if we were on the same continent. The only thing you need to do to benefit from this promotion is to teach the rental agreement or the keys to the rental car of Helle Hollis along with the invitation to the entrance of the enclosure. Do not leave it more, make the reservation of the vehicle from any of the categories of Helle Hollis and enjoy a single day outdoors with the family or friends.

International Schools

International schools multicultural and intensive care! Not even paying a relatively high school can secure a spot at an international school. Therefore German parents should seek in good time a place for their offspring. International schools are characterized by its multicultural composition. For example, children from all continents in a class can be United. A huge advantage not only for German students. English is the language of instruction and a globally-oriented training paves a national or international career later with high probability. Parents, with the money to travel, see the chance to prepare their child for an increasingly complex world in the international composition of the classes and global education.

Education decides today in the increasingly professional later in life or the intended national or international career. “Who just average” is eliminated early in the allocation of certain jobs and positions. It are many benefits at an international school. These are for example the small classes, which enables an intense promotion of each individual student. The full-day care ensures the most busy parents also a supervised”leisure time of their offspring. The premium features of the school institution warrants such as (computer) equipment used always up to date. Motivated teachers are the Foundation for the success of the global curriculum. Themes are treated across the curriculum.

German is a compulsory subject and is taught as English competence groups. There is tutor for the mother tongue. Unfortunately, the composition of the classes mostly follows the wallet of the parents. For the development of children, it would be safe from disadvantage, to get to know the social fabric of a society. For more information, hints and tips to international school – guide/school/international-schools educational service and guidance for schools, parents, students, is bildungsdoc Trainees, graduates, students and adults. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. The New Repair Community

The Internet platform combines online support and repair experts. 3 December 2012, Hamburg. Equipment or items that are broken can be found in every household. The first idea: Throw it away and buy new. This is not only money, but is usually unnecessary. Not to mention the environmental impact.

On users will find therefore information and instructions for the repair of various products, to make them operational again. Everyday items such as kitchen appliances, your car or your Smartphone: each subject sometime breaks or no longer works. Particularly annoying is when this happens if and only if the warranty has already expired. Of course, the injured party could now just go in the next shop and where to buy a replacement. What many people don’t know: the repair is done mostly with a few simple steps. And special training is not required for most also. provides a platform for this purpose brings together the experts and support.

Every user can publish own repair manuals for freely selectable products that help other users, perform the repair yourself. Inform, discuss, repair the Community idea is in the foreground. Anyone Swaki, the so-called SWAKIANER, can help by publishing a repair manual. And anyone can get help by reading repair manuals. But the platform offers more than the posting of instructions. The motto is”inform, discuss, repair. The area inform”displays products with image, a brief description and additional information, such as data sheets and manuals. These products are created directly by users. Categories ease the classification, so that it is easy to find the products. Despite many information on the individual products, it can happen that certain problems are not easy to resolve. SWAKIANER under the menu point discuss find assistance”. There can Those discussions open and ask their questions. Other SWAKIANER can directly come to the rescue. Particularly stubborn problems be solved so using the community.