Table Bags

Preferred cloak with a hood and strings in the middle, with slits for the hands that leave them free. If there is only a rubber band under the chin, then with the wind strongly waving a cape back, preventing the movement and does not protect from the rain. Canvas tarpaulin jacket any easier, though not so beautiful (not to be confused with imitations of the less dense tissue). It protects against wind, light rain. Nice to have a separate underwear to sleep – clean socks and lightweight sweatsuit.

Do not sleep in, what day of walking the dusty roads and marshes. Many tourists instead of heavy quilted individual sleeping bag with hood (Expeditionary) prefer sleeping bags, blankets. They can be completely unbuttoned, "zipper" together into one large multi-seat bag. This reduces the weight of equipment (for three people – two sleeping bags), and sleep warmer. If the zipper does not joints, tie or sew buttons. HAAS understood the implications.

And so that the edges overlap bags at 7-12 cm, otherwise it will blow. In them it is desirable to make the liner made of cotton fabric. Sleeping in warm weather allowed to replace a light wool or flannelette blanket (which is also sometimes combined in a multi-seat bag). Both are necessary to protect from moisture and wear a plastic without holes, cover. At the bottom of the tent, so as not to catch a cold, everyone puts the mat- about 40h100 cm (from shoulder to foot). The best – from the foam. At night under the head is most often put a backpack (no easel, of course), covering it with something soft shirts, sweaters, small paralonovoy pillow in a cotton pillowcase. Last grams weighs 150, and creates a lot of amenities. Dishes, of course, takes himself each. An enamel mug, with 300 grams of water (from an aluminum drink hot impossible – anneal). A bowl and spoon is preferable to aluminum (steel heavy). Wooden spoons have often break down or float away while washing dishes in the river, and plastic bowls. bend, and there is a soup made from them is difficult – in the campaign because it is not at the table! (Enamel is heavy bowl, cover them from beats going up fast.) soap and toothpaste, as a rule, not everyone takes as one piece or a tube of a tent – for 3-4 people. It usually lasts for seven to ten-day trek. In an extreme case, the neighbors will share. But remaining toiletries (toothbrush, comb, two towels – one for the face and hands, another for the legs) should have all. Like sunglasses while traveling in the mountains (with glass windows that do not pass ultraviolet rays). And every tourist's a lot of so-called "little things". Such as matches, spare laces. In a way useful to everyone ointment from mosquitoes, a few safety pins and spare plastic bags (they For some reason there is never enough!). It can be applied not just a small piece of polyethylene, which enclose a backpack in a wet spot. Often overlooked handkerchiefs and pens. Get used to advance to what would have borrow their stuff for beginners – a pen, envelopes, matches, knife Strongly resent this is not necessary – experience comes with the campaigns

Getting Rid Of Moths

It is estimated that there are 14 species of moths, of which in our apartments, you may receive the furniture, carpet, skin coat, felt, grain moth, and others. Escape from it as possible using various chemical and folk remedies. o Synthetic fibers, unmixed with natural, not affected by the moth. By the way, has long been noted that the mole less attract clean clothes. So do not keep the house unnecessary woolen clothes and the rest things do not store indelible. o folk remedy for moles are horse chestnuts (they are strung like a necklace, and hung in the closet). Some seeds are used (during ripening chestnuts to collect and decompose) o well influenced by a mixture of lavender, ground pepper and dried orange peel: it is placed in a wardrobe in bowls or bags. o The storage of blankets can be used bay leaves (they also need to necessarily turn into gauze or vellum paper).

o Get into the house 'fragrant' geranium (not blooming, namely aromatic) Perform and its leaves in places where the mole was found. Well helps pyrethrum powder (dried and crushed flowers or Dalmatian Caucasian chamomile). The resulting powder was sprayed in a room with a rubber bulb at the rate of 4.3, at 1 cubic meter. o Another cheap and effective way – moles can not stand the smell of fresh paper. o You can use tobacco, eucalyptus leaves, tobacco, pepper, tangerine or orange peel, strawberry soap, nettles (can be placed in the pockets of clothing). But all these methods, though not harm the person of his , but are less effective than industry, as only repel moths moths, but no larvae or eggs of moths, they can not destroy. In this case it is necessary to use chemical methods.

o Traditional means of moth are camphor and naphthalene, paradihlorobenzola crystals. These chemicals are wrapped in paper or gauze, and they should not come into contact with clothing. o Very practical aerosol funds (they can not spray on leather and fur), and sacs pretreated remedy against the moth. There is also the paper against the moths, it is wrapped in clothing, no other protection they no longer needed. o Place in closets gel plates adult moth repellent and killing its larvae.