Getting Rid Of Moths

It is estimated that there are 14 species of moths, of which in our apartments, you may receive the furniture, carpet, skin coat, felt, grain moth, and others. Escape from it as possible using various chemical and folk remedies. o Synthetic fibers, unmixed with natural, not affected by the moth. By the way, has long been noted that the mole less attract clean clothes. So do not keep the house unnecessary woolen clothes and the rest things do not store indelible. o folk remedy for moles are horse chestnuts (they are strung like a necklace, and hung in the closet). Some seeds are used (during ripening chestnuts to collect and decompose) o well influenced by a mixture of lavender, ground pepper and dried orange peel: it is placed in a wardrobe in bowls or bags. o The storage of blankets can be used bay leaves (they also need to necessarily turn into gauze or vellum paper).

o Get into the house 'fragrant' geranium (not blooming, namely aromatic) Perform and its leaves in places where the mole was found. Well helps pyrethrum powder (dried and crushed flowers or Dalmatian Caucasian chamomile). The resulting powder was sprayed in a room with a rubber bulb at the rate of 4.3, at 1 cubic meter. o Another cheap and effective way – moles can not stand the smell of fresh paper. o You can use tobacco, eucalyptus leaves, tobacco, pepper, tangerine or orange peel, strawberry soap, nettles (can be placed in the pockets of clothing). But all these methods, though not harm the person of his , but are less effective than industry, as only repel moths moths, but no larvae or eggs of moths, they can not destroy. In this case it is necessary to use chemical methods.

o Traditional means of moth are camphor and naphthalene, paradihlorobenzola crystals. These chemicals are wrapped in paper or gauze, and they should not come into contact with clothing. o Very practical aerosol funds (they can not spray on leather and fur), and sacs pretreated remedy against the moth. There is also the paper against the moths, it is wrapped in clothing, no other protection they no longer needed. o Place in closets gel plates adult moth repellent and killing its larvae.