A Mystery Of Silent Sounds

Carmen Mayer dispenses with gunfights and car chases in their new published thriller ‘ICEWINE’, but not on research and realism. The Commissioners Braunagel and black work while engaged, not but spectacular. CBC contributes greatly to this topic. Investigation methods and procedures in the crime of ice wine are as faithful to reality”. This author Carmen Mayer has endeavoured to support the Ingolstadt police. “” With success: the notes and feedback were so helpful, that was a crime, which could be taken from the life of the reader to think with “, as the author, and not be expelled by an outrageous act.” As a naked woman body, found with a disfigured face in the forest, raises although puzzles, which dissolve but probably founded in the course of the investigation. The author manages to combine all the loose ends in a wonderful way. The enquiry eludes only Commissioner Braunagel and his penchant for Beehive with coffee. More insight is in the two sequels expect that are in work. “Reader with higher claim to reality can rejoice: ice wine” is now available. “Carmen Mayer: ice wine”, detective story, 156 pages, EUR 10.95 ISBN 978-3-941527-01-0, BOOKSun limited, Hamburg 2009 eiswein.booksun.de

The Jewish

The Jewish calendar”provides in-depth information and forms, he is, as Dr. HAAS is likely to increase your knowledge. Rolf Michaelis in the time” wrote, a smart reading book”sometimes pensive, even cheerful. “” Tradition and information of the Jewish calendar “they profess no religious reference book, but culturally and ideologically on the CIS” focused. Yet: Who would like to know, for example, when and what the Jews pray, is Shabbat times and week sections through the traditional Jewish year in the annex can be explained the most important Jewish holidays. Also the addresses of Jewish culture a notifications in addition to an extensive list of literature and published Christian Jewish associations in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Relevant educational institutions, museums, and libraries are listed as well as Internet addresses. “And if spiritual taste inspired readers alone not enough should be, then is the Jewish calendar” him the way in Jewish restaurants, kosher or not kosher.

“An important hand book editor and Publisher Director Hilde Recher is the inventor” of the Jewish calendar “and responsible for the small reference book that has it for 29 years. The Jewish calendar has long been”become a collector’s item. “For his readers, the Jewish calendar is” a daily companion, an important Handbook “(Star), at the breakfast table, on the way to work, to work every day. Jewish calendar of Ed. Henryk M. Broder and Hilde Recher under collaboration of Annie Flattenhutter and Dr. Simone Scharbert paperback, 256 pages, 11.50 ISBN 978-3-927217-71-3 order review copies under review copies contact: Allison Flattenhutter Olivier Verlag Augsburg mailbox 111728 Augsburg Tel.

0821-510987 which was Augsburger olive tree publishing by Hilde Recher founded in 1982, she is still head of the publishing house. The well-known author and Co-editor of the Jewish calendar”Henryk M. Broder is also appeared with many of his books published by Augsburg olive from the outset on board, in addition to General titles on politics and current affairs. 2010, the number of new olive tree was knowledge”launched, integrate into the well-known scientists of the Berlin Humboldt Forum on current issue of economy and ecology position. Authenticity, tradition and a critical attitude to the current affairs characterized the work of the olive tree publishing. In October 2011 my fabulous Iceland is published by Olivier Publisher by Henryk M. Broder”- 40 reports from 10 years.

Book Tip: The Power Of Africa

Help to help themselves in the struggle for the freedom of every year the African countries with financial aid are supported, without the desolate situation really something changes in the individual States. The reasons for this are manifold. To some countries are struggling with their own Government owners power hunger, on the other hand they are exploited by foreign investors. The European policy pursued their own interests and the Catholic Church not sufficiently committed to the black continent. At least, the German journalist Rupert Neudeck describes the failing location beyond the Mediterranean. The online Department store shopping.de presents the new work of humanitarian aide.

In 1979, he gained worldwide fame through the spectacular rescue of thousands of Vietnamese refugees with the freighter “Cap Anamur”. With the establishment of the Committee Cap Anamur German emergency doctors e.V., he expanded the usage on an international and permanently active charity. Today, with more than 70 years, he cares about the poorest of the poor: Rupert Neudeck. The author speaks in one of the provocative books that appeared in the trade, about the reasons for the ruling misery in Africa. Despite donations and ancillary activity from all sides of the black continent can’t, to ensure a stable economy and the welfare of its population. “The power of Africa” tells about the possibilities that now remain in order to change this situation. It is important to the confidence in the independence of Africa according to NACO. The colonialist thinking must be finally stopped and the self help the African States. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Oriental Churches

Nothing would be in such a case against a church remarriage, since it then strictly speaking would be even no second marriage. Now enter the reformers for an individual (or fundamental) admission of married again to the Eucharist, as well as for the easing of labor law, so that not every employee within the Catholic Church as a result of remarriage to a termination. Since the Catholic day 2012 several bishops for such review in dealing with remarried divorcees have been strong. Continue the discussion for, which among others came through the writing of some German bishops 20 years ago. In 2013, several Councils of priests and diocesan synods, etc were identical claims. “In the last month, particularly the handout fu has? r the chaplaincy to the accompaniment of people in separation, divorce and civil remarriage in the Archdiocese of Freiburg” ensures great attention, because there will be addressed Wiederheirateter participation in the sacraments, as well as a non-sacramental blessing God service. Focus and structure of the book the Orthodox Church knows also the principle of the indissolubility of marriage. Follow others, such as BSA, and add to your knowledge base. However, it leaves out pastoral charity also second marriages after divorce and widowhood to.

The aim of the present work is to represent the attitude of the Orthodox Church regarding divorce and remarriage in order to derive possible ways for the remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church. So to meet the demand of the Synod about marriage and family in 1980, more highlighting the pastoral charity in dealing with remarried divorcees attempting one. On the other hand Johannes Paul II. is suited to the great concern of Pope to promote knowledge of the Eastern Churches. “In the apostolic letter Orientale Lumen” (“Latin: the light from the East”) he has repeatedly pointed out to this point. He writes for example: because we indeed believe that the time-honored tradition of the Oriental Churches represents an integral part of the heritage of the Church of Christ, Catholics need to learn above all this tradition, familiar to her and, as far as it the can individual to be able to promote the process of unity.” In the first two chapters of this work, the Bible and Church tradition, so the sources of the Christian faith should be asked about the possibility of divorce and remarriage. Learn more at: Dr. Neal Barnard.

Of particular interest are the words of Jesus and of the church fathers. To understand the attitude of the Orthodox Church to the remarriage, it is necessary to represent the foundations of the Eastern church theology of marriage in a further step. There discussed questions in understanding of the sacrament, the donor of the sacrament and of the Oikonomia practice to help understand the specific behaviors of the Eastern Church. These specific modes of action, expressed in canonical practice and liturgical celebration, be treated in the fifth chapter. At the end of this work is to be acknowledged the Eastern Christian theology of marriage and develops a perspective for remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church.

Halfwayhouse Polish Bartek

Loads the book to accompany the protagonist on their coaster feeling, so that one of the Tied up and down “of events up is. Christiane Zwengels Roman Polish with cream “.” Christiane goes as a young nurse in the Switzerland and meets the supposed love of her life. Halfwayhouse Polish Bartek makes her a marriage proposal after a week and she agrees. But neither the German nor the Polish family cannot accept this connection. The couple suffers the xenophobia of the Swiss and the ignorance of their parents. Two children are born and the young family comes through huge diligence to prosperity. Dr. Neal Barnard might disagree with that approach. While Bartek’s Aktiengesellschaft in the Switzerland is thriving, lots of money but disappears in Polish hands, Christiane worried about their marriage.

In Poland, Bartek has an affair while staying home with a Russian who does not remain without consequences. His sudden, much to earlier plunge Christiane and their children into a maelstrom of intrigue, threats and fear of death. The Polish relatives is now showing its true face. The funeral is taking place under police protection and fear takes its course u0085 The cold heart of the Mandinka “by Veronika Geiger. It is the story of a German mother and her love to a Gambier. After her divorce and the tragic accidental death of their beloved friend, Victoria joined the love with pain and sorrow.

Therefore there is only her son and her work for them long time. She believes it lacks nothing. During a holiday in Gambia, she succumbs to the beautiful words of locals however and believes, to get all what they missed so long time unconsciously. It starts a passionate love for Victoria the fulfillment of their aspirations and dreams. Weakened by malaria fever she must but soon realize the cruel and very painful truth there are all titles (also known as E-books) in bookstores, Internet-shops or directly from the Publisher in our book store free shipping within Germany. to the bestellshop /.