Astral Projection

Astral projection is a phenomenon that occurs when we were asleep, during sleep, which occurs in what is known as a split, where consciousness seems to leave the physical body. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions contains valuable tech resources. The esoteric explanation of the fact, pointed out that what actually happens is that our Ethereal body is achieved by separate dense body, in this way, called Ethereal body comes out of the limits imposed by the physical body remained attached to this by the silver cord. It is common that this experience will occur in States of deep relaxation in conjunction with an already attentive awakened conscience, in deep meditation or to stay asleep while maintaining a State of attention or concentration. Some esoteric texts indicate that during astral projection that occurred during sleep, there is a danger that the silver cord is broken, causing the death of the person suddenly, although this belief is rather part of the esoteric folklore, or esotericism popular, coming of the New Age. astral projection or ghosting is everyday, something that happens to everyone during the rest of the dream, however, the majority, he has no awareness of being during this phenomenon, however, many times we are conscious, that we’re dreaming, and can thus control everything that happens in this world. There are people who can achieve a split or a projection of consciously (as the yogis or Tibetan monks). To achieve this, the exercise of the will and dedication tend to be fundamental, since it requires to relearn something that has already been forgotten.

Earlier according to esotericism, due to that to seven years of age, children made several trips to the astral world. Some interpret the phenomenon noting that thanks to this that it is not surprising that we find them playing with imaginary friends or telling stories that adults seem them without any sense. This ability to dabble in the astral world, due to the passage of time and the disbelief of adults ends by producing called motivated forgetting, enabling this capability is numb. Now while for science what child is not more than a myth, and astral projection it is not a forgotten capacity, if you can say that ghosting is a latent ability, a skill may develop through attention practices and relaxation that allow the retention of consciousness during sleep.


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