Alabama Dream

When we speak of dreams, we are talking about projecting thoughts, our near future, if you dream of a traumatic past, they build a present and a future filled with resentment and pain, but if you dream of love, these projecting a future filled with success and fullness. So be very careful with your dreams, by what in what you think today is what you will become tomorrow. Dream, leads us to act and acting we build or destroy our world, ascend or descend to humanity. I am referring to a leader makes history when he built through his dreams, and through these builds or destroys. The case of Luther King Jr. that breaks with the pre-established schemas and creates a new paradigm. Blacks are now free and they can share the seat of the bus to the side of a white, a black boy can walk the streets of Alabama by the hand of a white girl and all this one day King had a dream, a dream of freedom.

Just 32 years ago, in 1972 blacks who married with White were sentenced to 3 years in prison. Luther King has changed the world, by that as he himself said I have a dream, King taught us that the world changes when one dreams of intensely. Dreams teaches us that if we can change the world to make this place an extraordinary and wonderful, space where we can be full and live in harmony. Think Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and many other leaders who have risen to humanity with their dreams, have shown us that love is a tool of transformation. When everything indicated them that he could not, they were stubborn with his dreams, and his immense love took them to change things, to build a better world. Hitler, on the other hand, was a leader who transcended in history in his time descending to mankind, that his dreams were loaded with hatred and contempt towards human beings.