Activity In Spain

Activity in Spain In Spain, the forensic economist activity is not specifically regulated and is not necessary licensing or membership of any professional group while the professional schools of economists, the Institute of chartered accountants and business (commercial Graduates and Diploma in business) have specific records in their respective professional corporations and issue recommendations through courses or technical standards, requiring a commitment to lifelong training and retraining of its members. The presence of Coroner financial professional in judicial matters related to economics, accounting and business as an independent expert. In Spain, its appointment may be initiated from the lists corporations and professional associations annually forwarded to the respective courts, to be used by the judges themselves if they so wish, or for self-designation of the parties if considered appropriate provide an opinion to supplement his claim or complaint.The remuneration of forensic economic expert is not regulated by any public duty and it is the parties who set freely by virtue of the complexity of the tasks assigned and the experience or expertise of the professional performer. In court the expert operational economic corresponds to reveal the facts and the judge must rule on them, “the expert must show only the truth or falsity of the facts alleged against or ventilate” (R. Garcia Micot Moleno R. Garc a de la Vega), ie, the economic expert’s opinions, like any other evidence, do not bind the judge’s opinion that, in light of other evidence, will make his decision freely.