Dan Omry System

An israeli company called Sphericon, which is based in Hertzlia, recently became the first non-American company to receive $80,000 of the U.S. Department of transportation, to start tests of its new system which will prevent that driver lost notion while driving. The new device that reads information from the steering system, is called DAISY (acronym of Driver Alertness Indication System), and determines if the driver is out of focus. This would happen if the driver falls asleep or is not attentive. The system also announces when the driver leaves the route.

If the driver loses control or the notion, the new system alerts you, either with an alarm, a light or moving your seat. This project already has several investors, such as: Groeneveld Groep B.V. of the Netherlands, an international automotive supplier, and Gintec Active Safety Ltd. of Israel. Engineer Dan Omry, who worked for the Ministry of Defense of Israel and for the U.S. national aviation and Space Administration, avoided giving details of the amount of money invested. According to Omry other systems that have been tested have failed, but not yours. According to statistics, and based on a study of the State of Virginia, more than 25 percent of traffic accidents occur because of that driver falls asleep or is inattentive.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, causes for drowsiness while driving accidents about 100,000 per year. This has a cost of 12.5 billion dollars, according to the U.S. National Sleep Foundation. Several companies have already expressed interest in the product; including General Motors. Thank you for the note to Israel21c.com. Article taken from The Jerusalem Report, written by Yael Kliers.