EJA Education

A psicopedaggica vision of the EJA (a long way between the affective relations and allowing themselves to learn) Rahel Pepe Kings Adult the Young Education of is a specific modality of the Basic Education that if considers to take care of to a public whom was denied the right to the education during infancy and adolescence either for offers vacant volunteer, either for the inadequaes of the education system or for the favorable socioeconmicas conditions. The education of the EJA is being convoked to rethink and to transform its bonds with the society. But, diverse factors exist that need to be corrected and others eliminated so that the people can have more access to the school and, over all to be able to conclude its studies, exactly that it is of sped up form and it can seem delayed. The cognitivo development must be objectified, being in the truth the main goal of the process. In the pertaining to school scope, the Psicopedagogia must be seen as injunction, fortalecedora of identities and transforming of realities.

Creator of strategies of education that has taken in consideration the different forms of if acquiring the knowledge. It must analyze the pertaining to school institution, delimit the joined educational difficulties and plan of reflexiva form a boarding that contributes for the pertaining to school success. The Psicopedagogia also centers its look in the search for establishing relations in which the main objective is to rescue the pleasure, to not only learn, but also to teach. Being thus, it reflects on the relations established with the knowledge and the different forms of if acquiring this knowledge. To strengthen the young stimulaton that much adult needs to continue its studies and to become viable the dream of many in alfabetizarem aid in the creation of projects motivadores of practical the educative one. Theoretically the psicopedaggica action must be pautada in the prevention of the failure pertaining to school and the difficulties that involve in such a way educandos as educators.