Excessive Data Collection Of The GEZ As A Result Of The Loss Of Revenue

Annual revenue losses for the GEZ and enhanced data collection at registration offices. Annual revenue losses at the GEZ. Gain insight and clarity with Academy of Art University. / enhanced data collection at registration offices. / New inter-State Broadcasting Agreement contribution. / Extension of practices for the recovery of money. / Alarmed privacy advocates. / 400 new staff are hired in addition.

Hamburg. According to a Commission study to determine of the financial requirements of broadcasters (KEF), a growing number of exemptions, as well as a declining willingness to pay the user provides for annual revenue loss. The claims of fees collection Center (GEZ) amounted to KEF 753 million to 822 million a year. “Christian Volkmer, data protection expert of the company project 29 GmbH says: an unbalanced balance sheet for the GEZ reinforced the compulsion to collect yet persistent data.” The GEZ can ask even more intensively in the future for data. The formulation of the powers for the data collection is very broad in scope, what greatly worries privacy experts.

In the year 2003 already got the big brother award, a negative price for the reckless collection of data the GEZ. Post new Interstate Broadcasting Agreement applies from 1 January 2013. Then there will be no device-related licence fees, but the broadcasting fee is per apartment irrespective whether a TV, radio or Internet-enabled computer is available, paid. Apply 17.98 euros for every household. A date is set to the login register data, transmitted the first and family name, current and previous addresses, main – and Nebenwohnung, day of the single – or extract, marital status and death day of the GEZ. Therefore, all login register are screened more by the employees of the nearby state institution. The data protection officer of the countries fear an extension for the recovery of money. Volkmer is active in the society for data protection and knows with the new regime. Privacy and GEZ, the two terms have still never together fit. It sometimes happened that Data Tracker index card with personal data lost”, says Christian Volkmer. The methods of charges collectors are often brazen. The institution uses the legal grey areas and the ignorance of citizens with threats sent to come pulling out procedures and anonymization strategies to success. You sent despite the opposition against their next payment reminders with late payment fees payment, complicates the cancellations, requests payment of fees and sent forced logins without sufficient proof of receptive devices. While she like to reverses the burden of proof: the accused instead of the GEZ has with an affidavit to prove that he has no radios to receive. Also at court hearings, the GEZ has the longer breath. The fee collectors have a modern bureaucracy, to get at the data. To behave properly in unclear situations as a citizen is not easy. Therefore advises the certified data protection supervisor Christian Volkmer: in cases dealing with personal Data in the context of the collection of fees you should contact a data protection experts and abandon not without a fight.” Contact: Project 29 GmbH & co. KG Trothengasse 5 93047 Regensburg Tel: 0941 / 29 86 93 0 fax: 0941 / 29 86 93 9 Managing Director: Dipl.-inf.. Christian Volkmer E-Mail: Web: locations: Regensburg, Hamburg, Berlin since 1996 the project operates 29 GmbH & co. KG in the fields of data protection and information security. Christian Volkmer, managing partner of project 29, is one of the few certified experts on privacy issues for companies in German-speaking countries.