Experience Society

Social volunteering, unlike other no less valid ways to help others as the charities, charity, philanthropy or charity, in its dimension of healthcare activity and not as a theological virtue whose projection knows no bounds, is born of experience loneliness and awareness of social injustice that leads to a joint and several liability. The welfare state weakened the tradition of volunteering pretending that public authorities were the only subjects of social life, that their employment was the only accredited and that specialists moved to the competent action born of the citizen initiative. Everything was under the control of the administration or the market, apparently free but really directed by interests that decide the life and death of more than two-thirds of humanity. So much so that, in the explanatory statement which precedes the articles of the Spanish law of volunteering, without pulse tremble you to the legislator, says the following: the modern rule of law must be incorporated to its legal system regulating the actions of citizens that are grouped together to satisfy general interests, assuming that satisfaction thereof has ceased to be regarded as the sole responsibility of the State and society. As if you ever have been it! When the State, or more though the same administration, believes that it is anything other than an instrument at the service of society, this suffers from its members and natural institutions meddling of one to limits that threaten the coexistence. Because the danger of suffering from the natural rights of the citizens, that not ever emanate from any institution but are inherent to the nature of the human being as a person. The most which is the responsibility of the State administration bodies is the recognition, promotion and safeguarding them against third parties and to himself.

Hence the growth model that attaches the social welfare state is unfair and has become untenable. We must seek alternative models to the false dilemma wild capitalism or state socialism. Where structures are unjust law of resistance becomes a duty, and not to exercise it makes us complicit in its consequences. Solidarity J.C.G.F development original author and source of the article.