Foundations House

Everyone understands the role of foundations in building a house. This is the beginning, the foundation of the future state of the house, and scary to imagine what could happen with a ready home, if the foundation was laid correctly. Drafts, cracks, distortions, ruptures of communication and many other things. Therefore, the approach to the foundation must be solid. The foundation must take five required functions. 1. The foundation provides a solid foundation – a reliable support for the edge of the house, he should not move and settle. To the foundation carry the load at home, he must build on the chosen design and bearing capacity of soil. Foundation based on mining of sand and rocks called robust. On clay and other looser soils reinforced foundation piles that extend up to solid ground, and is called the gain. In some cases the foundation may be floating with no reliance on solid ground. Under the condition that he would not move more than a tolerable level. Soil under the house should not be exposed to frosty swelling. 2. Ensure that the house dry of course best to build a house just for a dry place, and even better on the dais or the sandy hill. But if not possible, it is necessary to protect the foundation of your home from moisture.

Therefore, the foundation is made of waterproof and insulating materials. Particular attention should be paid to the cellar, as it is buried in the ground. Drainage system may be laid under the house rubble or pipe dug in coarse sand. Water flows into the pipe and put aside. You can not build a basement below the level of groundwater, otherwise the foundation will have to make watertight. 3. Provide heat in the house warm foundation provides low humidity, so nice to do external insulation of walls and basement slab. Isolation inside may cause damage from moisture. 4. Justify the level of the soil foundation is designed to simultaneously align the soil and create a nice foundation for the house. The soil is almost never perfectly smooth, and it can be corrected by adding foundation, which he aligns the soil or construction site. This is a rational and balanced decision, in contrast to the mechanical alignment of construction equipment. 5. Prevent infiltration of radon types of foundations.