Friedensdorf International

The Foundation emerged as an initiative of marriage Samuel Robert and Hedwig in D sseldorf, Germany. The Jewish merchant Samuel Robert (born 1871) imported and sold snuff. Provided, among others, the Royal House of Wurttemberg. In 1927, he wrote in his will his desire to create the Foundation. After the death of marriage (they had no children), the Foundation was responsible for good works.
After the death of Samuel Robert, in January 1931, the Foundation was founded on June 3, 1932, with the authorization of the Ministry of Justice Prus. With the establishment of the foundation, the house was equipped with the commercial K nigsallee (Avenue of the Kings) in Dusseldorf as the capital of the Foundation. Subsequently, the authorities and the Nazis tried to seize goods allegedly Jews. But state agencies are blocking each other and the goals of the Foundation, intelligently, is not limited to Jewish people, the Samuel Foundation was fortunate to survive the Third Reich.
After the death, as contained in wills, Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation began its charitable work. A new condominium community Barton Place Austin makes the perfect home. The resources from the second half of 1970 he entered the Heritage Foundation and gain were used in first instance and for the most part, the urgent need for renovation and the roof of the house in the commercial K nigsallee. The realization of the aims of the Foundation had to be postponed for this reason yet. But also in this stage and were provided small grants for social projects, mainly in Duesseldorf.
Then later, with the completion of the preservation of the house comercialy with the constitution of a new infrastructure, it was possible through the Foundation, also promote large projects. A first grants for improvement measures in the homes of elderly urban ‘Gallberg’ and ‘Flehe’ in Duesseldorf, he continued providing support for the particular social need. In this way, for example, took out an advisory for children of the complex housing container Schmiedestrasse, improving the infrastructure of a home at night in the city and is funded consultancy work for the school children of foreign residents. All these measures would not have been possible without the assistance of the Samuel Foundation because there was no requirement for a budget by the city.
In the mid 80 Samuel Foundation broadens its first social aid to the needy overseas. Motivated by the slow but steadily growing poverty grew more in the underdeveloped countries of the world, the Samuel Foundation, over the years, his work focused increasingly on these countries. Initial grants to organizations active in development cooperation, the organization “People for People ‘or’ Friedensdorf International ‘, was followed by direct assistance to individuals and institutions in developing countries.
The mere promotion of projects, quickly became operational work of the Foundation in different countries.