Intentionally Killing Animals

Without a doubt, the suffering that the hunters bring to forests and fields, the fear and pain, will someday badly effect the world. It will be visible in the fields of eternity, in the law of sowing and harvesting, since the seed of cruelty, even when you sow in the field of the soul and the darkness of the night, for his part produces fruits of horror, which however has to reap one who sowed the seeds through their feelingsthoughts and works of destruction of life. The cruelty exercised any creature planting a dark as night in the soul of the decedent. That darkening of the soul can only leave each one again through the path of recognition, of repentance, purification and not to make it again, as well as the repair of the evil done to the extent that this is even possible. Most of the time the recognition is only possible when the author is hit by a blow of fate, that the person affected, however, in base to the ecclesiastical indoctrination of centuries of duration and which has itself the image of a cruel God, he interprets as his punishment. The slaughterer and the Hunter will be at the expense of his own mental cruelty, whose recordings will become for them a torture. The Hunter, in the images of the soul, will convert the same prey that others hunt. The descuartizador himself take the tatters of his dismembered soul; recordings of all the suffering, the bitter torments and fear that the arrogant person caused past his sisters creatures are hanging them.

God, the eternal, gave life to all his creatures. Who approve killing, no matter how or with what justification do it, is against life and life is God. God, the eternal, emerged all pure forms of being. Him arose throughout life. His breath encourages all forms of life, all life, because he is life, the breath at all. Who removes the breath to a creature, is opposed to the giver of life, who is the Creator God. They can the powerful of this world, Governments, representatives of the Church, return to give life? The scope of having rejected this commandment, we can appreciate it in the current state of the world. How would this world, how would this land?, a wonderful planet where to live if the commandment had consistently fulfilled thou shalt not kill, that people know more than 3000 years ago. Where we are we? Where are the powerful? Where are the people? Where Governments lie, and where are the churches, especially that call themselves Christian? They are in compliance with this important commandment? And find us us when we look at our menu? Life Universal Ana Saez Ramirez 45.271.959 R original author and source of the article.