Life at the Cafe

He said prices were already high, but now the owners seemed to be somewhat annoying with their customers, and that this new attitude caused him to seek a new place to make your morning stop. Another person asked me if I had noticed the price increase. Then he told me that when he asked for something extra cream for your coffee, it had become as an extra when in the past ever did. I also note that began to be easier to get free seats, and definitely had far fewer students drink in recent times, perhaps because the credentials to loyal customers were discontinued when prices went up (before you could take a 10 free coffee cup with that credential.)

Recently put a sign saying that the cafe was donating to charity a portion of their income. So a customer said as he paid his account, he preferred to choose which nonprofit organization to donate their money, and if that is why prices had risen, he preferred to be reimbursed the amount of the donation.

This situation made me realize that there are not really small decisions when it comes to business. Even in the case of a big brand, you have to constantly monitor customer satisfaction because loyalty can not be taken as safe and eternal. What else could have done differently the owners of this cafe, even if we assume that they needed to raise its prices? Ask your best customers. Nobody wants to overpay for products or services they buy regularly, but it is acceptable if you get something more in return.