Natural Help For Teens Maintaining Healty Weight

A healthy diet during adolescence is essential for proper physical and mental development. But what and how teens should eat? The formula is deceptively simple: balance, variety, sufficient calories, and most importantly, do not ban any food because the constraints and compulsions are counterproductive.a In this critical age, emotions and affections, may adversely affect and interfere with a good education dietetics. Very often we eat in terms of how we feel. At the same time, our mood depends on the food we have eaten. This reciprocal relationship is especially true during adolescence, the stage of the fastest growing life with early childhood. Alterations and nutritional deficiencies may end up having great significance. Not only in terms of development and size, but also in the emergence of serious eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. At this stage of life, the total rejection or delivery to the food frenzy can become a way to overcome the feeling of emptiness and frustration.

At the same time, adolescence is a period of growth at an accelerated pace, during which the child eventually becomes an adult. The changes affect not only the physical appearance (increased muscle mass, bone mass, fat, sexual development), but also to the entire complex mental (motor coordination, cognitive adaptation, intellectual, emotional and cultural). One of the most stressful situations is, fat or not to follow some standards of beauty unhealthy body. The self-imposed a strict diet can become the prelude to many eating disorders. These alterations occur at a time of life when nutritionally requirements are higher than in adulthood.