Pealver Group

Official degrees with identical educative content in their preparation In the Group Schola Classroom, and for 16 years, are dedicated to give classes of support in the main subjects of First, THAT, Baccalaureate, University and Preparation of Tests of Access. An approved 98% of in the last call of June of 2009 guarantee this formation, distributed by professionals with years of experience and a didactic methodology that allows that hundreds of students totally are satisfied with their learning. Those that the Group Schola Classroom decides to the English formation of, Computer science, Oppositions and Professional Courses are already almost two lustrums that come to complete their formative range. Now and from this month of June of 2010, the Group Schola Classroom abre to its students new courses for the preparation of official degrees with the same contents that including for the obtaining of this degree. These new courses that agree 100% with the agenda of the official degrees are: Formative cycle of Average Degree? Pharmacy and Parafarmacia? Public health attention Formative cycle of Degree Superior? Management of Tourist Lodgings? Sanitary documentation? Dietetic? Technical Infantile education in Emergencias Sanitary? For this course the Aranda Center is committed to that the student realises 40 hours of practices in ambulances. Course of Repair and Maintenance of Computers? This course consists of 6 weeks in groups of 10 students and includes so much the educative material as the technician and the necessary tools for its learning in a program of 2 hours daily during 5 days to the week.

Among others characteristic it is possible to emphasize: The closed price of these courses can be paid on credit cash or financed by the own Group Schola Classroom. The period of formation is individual and comes marked by each student, since the classes are customized, being able to extend itself until they approve of the chosen official call. The educative and additional material for the teaching of each course is included necessary. The schedule can be included between the 9 hours and until the 21 hours for the positions of a guardian, contributing a great one flexibility to all type of students.