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But that they named us with a regional demonym – gallego – which replaces the national – Spanish – not should worry us all. If you would like to know more then you should visit WHO. This is a phenomenon very common in many places in the world; without going any further, we call Gabachos, who are the inhabitants of the South of France, all the French.By the same mechanism, in Cuba they call Chinese any individual with Asian features, either Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese; and tumbled to any citizen of the former Soviet Union, whether Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian or any other nationality. Another thing is that the term Gallego has a pejorative burden as, indeed, has it. The pejorative burden of the Galician term took hold and spread with the bufo Theatre, which emerged in Cuba around the year 1868. The bufo theatre were simple burlesque character drama in which intercalated popular songs.

There were famous theatres in Havana devoted to the bufo Theatre, like the theatre Alhambra and the teatro Marti. The bufo Theatre helped create the Cuban identity in recent years of Spanish colonial rule. By then, the Galician meant the Spanish, the colonizaje, the foreign oppression; It would therefore be preferred object of the satires and mockery in the bufo theatre. In the representations had three main characters: Galician, the black and la mulata. Galician was represented by a native of Galicia or a Cuban who, dress with a merchant’s own costumes – profession that gallegos – engaged mostly, clumsily imitating the accent of the Galician and their gestures and tried to timar to black, that meant the nascent Cuban, the colonized, the oppressed. On lighted disputes between Galician and black everything ended badly for the Galician as black, ignorant but cunning, was that ended up ripping into Galician and mocking of him. Other times, the disputes are escenificaban by the mulatto. Galician was competing with the black lead to the mulatto, but black always won the game and was that getting to the splendid mulatto.

Galician was always ridiculed by their greed, by its failures to conquer some mulatto or his almost congenital inability to interpret the Cuban dances of origin African. They also mocked and made critical acres of hygienic habits of the Galician language. Thus the cliches about the Galician or Spanish were created and are the cause of the Galician term is a pejorative burden on the Cuban. Today, the Spanish who goes on vacation to Cuba has nothing to do with the emigrants that they came to the island to improve their living conditions, but there are still remnants of those topics. Cuba still is the phrase: Galician not bathing or with carabana Minero medicinal water. The funny thing is that in these comparative surveys that are made now, is that Spaniards are those more showering of Europe.