Spanish Jackpot

This so happens week after week if anyone manages to win the jackpot, with a maximum of twelve weeks. Come to the case of a 12 week there are no any winner of the EuroMillions first category, then the jackpot is distributed between awards given in lower grades. Once this happened, the draw restarts next week at 15 million Euros. Destination of revenues and prizes the Euromillions Lottery delivered part of the proceeds from the sale of tickets to charity. These charities include a large number of projects developed by local, national or international organisations. It may be once someone decides does not collect his award-winning ticket, then this money goes towards these causes. It can also happen that winners don’t even know that he has corresponded them a chunk of the jackpot.

A case of these happened in 2007 in a lottery in which the jackpot had accumulated more than 125 million euros; not to hit anyone, and having spent and wings twelve weeks regulated by lottery agencies, handed out the award at lower levels. In this way, one of the winners of EUR 10 million never came to claim his prize, but not because not realized (Lottery agencies urged him that he charged his award) but because didn’t want to cash it. This award was then assigned to charities. Large boats successful was in the year 2008, entry already spring, when the EuroMillions jackpot had been placed in more than 125 million Euros, after six intense days in which nobody had hit the winning combination. A girl who lived on the Spanish island of Mallorca proved to be the winner. For health reasons, she was ausentada of his work, and until 3 days later no learned that had been her the big winner. Almost three years ago, an Irish called Delores McNamara won the not inconsiderable figure of 115 million. One of the largest in the history of the EuroMillions boats reached the figure of the 183 million euros, in the penultimate round before you divide the pot among other categories. Three people were the lucky winners, a Portuguese and two French. Another interesting fact is that all countries who play the Euromillions, France turns out to be the luckiest.