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Freight traffic through the Alps has tripled since 1970, he rose alone on the road more than eight times, while the rail just to the Anderthalbfache grew. The Alps pass over 54 million motor vehicles per year, and even stronger equity inner Alpine traffic and tourist destination traffic. Although in the entire Alpine region, the limits to growth are now achieved or exceeded, freight rheinseilbahn Alps to increase again after a up to the year 2010 to at least 65 percent. The highly sensitive ecosystem is increasingly under the wheels of a giant avalanche of traffic, whose destructive Potenzial dramatically exacerbated by the relentless appetite for urbanization. So 2,3 ha landscape were on the average in the Bavarian Alps between 1979 and 1995 alone every day–equivalent to 3 football fields – used for housing development and traffic.

Are economically usable Areas in the Alps, a very limited resource, only a narrow area available for this at all. And there it will slowly close. Over 4.7 million guest beds are available, approximately 10 000 transport systems are in operation, the Alpine tourism accounts for around 11 percent of the world tourism. As if this were not enough, so is the most precious natural heritage, still has the Europe”, as landscape planning specialist Bernhard Fischesser writes, even climate change too. The majority of the 1300 glaciers retreating, alone in the Switzerland, 86 from 230 ski resorts are at risk to be snow-poor already. And if the snow is missing, then to make it myself, since 1990 the number of snow guns has more than doubled, in which Switzerland even quintupled. “We provide all the facts and the conclusions are actually clear, but nothing happens”, CIPRA Director Andreas Gotz regrets in vain on the symbolic value of the by the United Nations as the international year of the mountains “of year 2002 hoped. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The goal was and is a permanent protection of mountains in the world, all under severe pressure are above all the Alps. We have lost quite a lot of time. It is now to seize the chance and to initiate concrete implementation processes, not only for the Alps, but for all mountain areas”, warns the CIPRA expert. So far, however, answers, as this politically will be launched on the way, are scarce. Given the apparently unstoppable Alps apocalypse is doubtful that able sustainably to protect one of the most sensitive large ecosystems of Europe through a cross-sectoral, holistic policy. Ulrich Karlowski

More Energy Security For The Middle Class

Energy cooperatives provide protection against price fluctuations in Beiersdorf-Freudenberg – the upcoming autumn and winter will be expensive for German gas customers again. After already a few weeks ago Gazprom CEO Alexej Miller predicted record-high gas prices until 2012, the German Institute for economic research (DIW) so that prices will rise this year by around a quarter expected according to latest. To the grounds referenced on the recent development of oil prices. This has almost doubled since the beginning of the year. And gas prices follow the developments with a distance of about six months. “In addition, that due to the still-unresolved political differences between Russia and several Eastern European States at any time a new gas crisis” can break out. Hear from experts in the field like Yahoo Finance for a more varied view.

The problem of a stable, price-secure energy supply is always serious in particular for the German middle class. EC membership in an energy cooperative, such as for example the energy cooperative of Freudenberg offers a way out. Here, the members are their own Diesel producers. Will be four plants produced high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues CEHATROL. This diesel is certified according to DIN EN 590, differs fundamentally from conventional biodiesel.

CEHATROL can block heat and power plants also used in as the refuelling of motor vehicles and be mixed with conventional diesel. For any company that needs more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg might therefore want EC. Due to the legal tax exemption, a liter price is guaranteed for cooperative members by 2015 of 0.48 EUR / l. Learn more about the energy cooperative, see EC freudenberg.de.

Practical Climate: Energy Passively Take Advantage

Passive house components integrate energy advisor of the climate protection campaign / campaign website informs with passive house special and new design Berlin, December 7, 2009. \”While international solutions will be negotiated in Copenhagen, the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment shows climate seeks protection\” climate protection of the practical way: with the new passive house special \”and informed they can benefit consumers, as they personally of the passive house construction in the new and old building various energy saving advisors on climate seeks schutz.de and check out what best practice examples. Three of a total of 15 energy saving Advisor of the climate protection campaign has been added to various options to the passive house standard. \”In the Guide heating costs in the new building\” builders of residential buildings now have the opportunity to check the energy balance and efficiency of a passive house, which requires no separate heating system, in addition to the quick comparison of different heating systems. For more specific information, check out Prevent Cancer Foundation. Quick and easy user can the individual amount bring the investments needed and the current fuel consumption and operating costs in experience. Also, the CO2 emissions of selected systems are compared. The current energy saving Regulation (EnEv) requires an annual heating requirement of no more than 95 kilowatt hours per square meter, for example, for a newly built detached house. The Energiesparwunder passive house with its requirement of less than 15 kWh undermines these guidelines many times over. Passive house renovation in the building worth the Upgrade Advisor\”offers according to the rating of the energy consumption of the existing building, passive house components as modernization measures to select. In existing buildings these measures can be worthwhile, like Tanja Loitz GmbH, winner of the climate protection campaign, explained Managing Director of the non-profit co2online: an average detached House has an energy consumption of 180 kWh per square meter per year.

Utopia-user Of Let Photovoltaic Plant Grow

Common online action yesterday utopia.de users rise with eco-electricity supplier NaturWatt online campaigning for the energy revolution a new photovoltaic system. Munich, 7 July 2009 online campaigning for energy transformation since yesterday the users of create a new Photovoltaikanla-ge. The utopia community determines the solar plant is how big and what nonprofit institution receives it at the end with their commitment. The unique online action is a cooperation of the eco-electricity provider NaturWatt and utopia.de, the leading portal for sustainable consumption. Visitors and members of utopia have two ways to grow the plant: they can enlist in the UN terstutzerliste or go to NaturWatt electricity. For both actions, points will be credited to the account of the action.

For every 1,250 points, NaturWatt donates a photovoltaic module, which generates approximately 140 kWh of electricity a year, enough to do laundry around 100 times. Up to 100,000 points can be earned. A plant of this size generates climate-friendly power for at least four two-person households. For comparison, same amount of energy would release here kommlich produced, approximately 6 tonnes of CO2. Non-profit institutions organisations can apply on the action page to the system. From September 1 to vote the users between the candidates.

The GE-winner gets the system finished installed on his roof and benefits for at least 20 years from the remuneration for the electricity it generated. We would not only inform dedicated consumers, son but also animate to be active,”says Meike Gebhard, before State member of Utopia AG. We use actions such as these offer excellent opportunities, impulses for more sustainability in the market to send.”since our inception our profits shut out including for the expansion of renewable energies”, emphasizes Dr. Martin Baumert, Managing Director of NaturWatt GmbH. This action we want to involve many people possible HEA and so make it clear that Climate protection is a topic to join in, where everyone can make a difference.” Background information: Utopia is the Internet platform for strategic consumption with more than 45,000 registered community members and monthly over a million page impressions. This GAL-fen are people who their purchase decisions (even) after that, whether they contribute to a better world. Utopia offers orientation so-such as inspiration and makes it easy for them to make their life more sustainable. NaturWatt – naturwatt.de the NaturWatt GmbH was founded in 1998 as the first German eco power supplier and is exclusively with energy from water, wind and solar power. Its GE winne invests the company in development and promotion of renewable energies.

EVITA Opts For Energy Efficiency And Helps Save Energy

Power consumption and energy costs, Stuttgart know the EVITA GmbH offers private and commercial clients since 2009 September 21, 2011 – low tariffs for electricity and gas. Now EVITA puts a new focus on the topics of energy saving and energy efficiency and thus, helping to reduce the spending of its customers – because the cheapest energy is that which is not consumed as we know. On the company’s Web site, visitors will find now concrete energy saving tips as well as a machine, which they can use to determine their individual power consumption in the household or company. Energy saving tips from EVITA a high energy consumption not only adversely affects the environment, but also concretely is noticeable on the electricity and gas bills. But it doesn’t have to be, because “there are often simple measures, which have a large effect”, explains Manfred Neff, Managing Director of EVITA. Small changes in behaviour in everyday life, whether at home or in the workplace, often significantly lower energy consumption.

“And with a better energy efficiency, we are all one important contribution to the reduction of environmental impact”, so Neff next. High savings potential in companies trade, industry, trade and services are responsible for more than two-thirds of the total electricity consumption in Germany. Here, the savings potential is estimated at 15 per cent. So up to 75 percent of the current cost savings for example in offices alone through energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, as a sample Office dena demonstrated the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH, in the framework of the initiative “Energy efficiency”. The energy saving checklist on refers to all energy-relevant aspects of everyday work life: lighting the indoor climate to Office communication. Also, the site provides instructions to the energy advice, the energy performance certificate from the energy advisor and ways of State aid. Energy check: Ease of use for industry and households now offers a free online application EVITA, which everyone can use to calculate their electricity consumption.

As can be observed, whether your usage behaviour is above or below average. The result can certainly encourage even think about own dealing with energy. Business customers receive a first assessment of their energy consumption after a few clicks: using industry-specific data is checked in which area the individual heat and power consumption, compared with averages, moving. The calculation of power consumption in the home or in the Office is very simple: these must be answered only a few questions from 15 relevant areas such as cooking, cleaning, washing and light. The detailed analysis provides information about the specific consumption in each of the areas and shows, where potential savings exists. Company Description EVITA is an innovative gas and electricity supplier from Baden-Wurttemberg. EVITA has its origins in a Swabian company with more than 100 years tradition. As medium-sized and independent company EVITA stands for reliability, economy and attractive power and gas tariffs. EVITA ensures a secure energy supply by a powerful customer service. Company contact: EVITA GmbH Inga best Elwertstrasse 3 70372 Stuttgart phone: 0711 9541 253 E-Mail: Web:

Skate Polaris

Tip for Cambodia: micro bio-gas plant instead of firewood also available in developing countries and the natural materials play an important role. Always use Households that are connected to no electricity or gas mains, fire wood for cooking and heating. But that leads to serious health problems and strengthening the deforestation and grubbing-up important forests. According to the WHO, around 2,000 children of fire smoke die every day around the world indoors. Here, the independent ecological energy giant uses Polaris. Childrens Defense Fund understands that this is vital information. The company drives in this country even the energy transition in developing countries like Cambodia for example for each customer, supporting families in their own micro biogas plant construction.

With the manure of cattle two or four pigs, sufficient energy is produced to operate two gas lamps and a gas stove. In addition, the families receive sanitary facilities. Total Polaris the global energy transition tasked with actively promotes and noticeably improves the standard of living of the local people. About Polaris, the North Star GmbH was founded to change the world. The independent green energy company inspires people for a conscious Dealing with energy, allowing a meaningful transition to renewable energy. The company provides as a first energy supplier Polarstern households nationwide not only 100% genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent real eco gas from residues, each connected with development cooperation. So every customer has his energy reference for the world-wide development of renewable energies: Polaris invested ever sold kilowatt-hour in this country in the construction of new eco-power plants.

The company fully to supply him with power from new plants within five years warrants each new customer. At the same time, Polaris for each customer each year supports a family in a developing country when building their own micro biogas plant. This improves the quality of life both here and there. Eco-electricity and eco gas Polarstern are certified by TuV Nord; the eco power supply also carries the ok-power label. Polaris is supported by the social entrepreneurship Academy, a network organization of the four universities of Munich. Also known and hired people for example the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander, the professional snowboarder David Benedek, Andreas protecting Berger of the Skate equipment maker IOU RAMPS and Jonas Imbery, founders of the music label GOMMA committed to Polaris.

United Nations Development Programme

The AER is working for several years to strengthen the role of local and regional institutions with questions about energy dependence and environmental protection. 86 member regions of the VRE have the AER FEDARENE (European Federation of regional energy and environment agencies) Declaration signed a strategic instrument that transmits General energy objectives in more specific and represents a commitment of the regions to measurable goals. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Neal Barnard. The “Energy Summit of European regions” will provide recommendations the signatories, as they can achieve their goals. The AER has however not strictly limited their activities on European territory. As a partner of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for a project which is based on a decentralised cooperation method, Aer members support Development and emerging regions in their daily fight against climate change and energy problems. The “Energy Summit of European regions” will open hence regions in the southern part of the world and bring it to European regions in contact. The regions are intermediary between the European authorities and consumers, and today have important decision-making powers, allowing them to take current geopolitical and economic problems. “GE Energy is the born partner for Aer, because it is a European company with rich experience in the various energy problems facing today’s any region in Europe.

GE also offers the entire range of energy and infrastructure solutions, making it possible for the company, unless the regions to give recommendations based on any currently available technological energy solution for coal, oil, renewable energy sources, natural gas or nuclear power. The company is also known for his integrity, which is in cooperation with institutions of particular importance”, explains Michele Sabban, President of AER. Was last March by the European Union as an expression of the investments of regional and local institutions in the field of energy ‘ intelligent energy Europe 2009 “introduced. This initiative provides for the co-financing of projects, which target energy efficiency, green energy and clean transport are, and provides more than 96 million euros available, of which 15 million promoting local investment in energy are devoted to cities, towns and regions. The main objective of this programme is to enable “to remove market barriers, to change the behavior, and to create a more favourable economic environment in the market for energy efficiency and green energy”. “This Summit is a concrete step for Aer, 2006 signed a”Declaration of European regions to the energy efficiency and development of renewable sources of energy”, the aim of which is the first quantitative targets on energy efficiency and sustainable development to set”that includes Michele Sabban, President of AER. The program of the “European Energy Summit” will be available soon under AER contact addresses: Richard Medic, spokesperson / Director press and communication, – Tel: (mobile) + 33 678 695 235 Francine Huhardeaux, press and communications officer – tel/fax: + 33 3 88 22 74 49 Christina Diegelmann, Senior Policy Coordinator – Committee on ‘ economy and regional development’, – Tel: + 33 3 88 22 74 38 the Assembly of European regions (AER) is the largest independent network of regions in wider Europe. 270 regions from 33 countries and 16 interregional organisations, it is the political voice of its members and a forum for interregional cooperation.