Evergreen Bio Energy

Sustainable and decentralized energy creates jobs and high-return investment opportunities Vechta/Dusseldorf, October 2009 – the policy has made the traffic lights to green for the production of bio-energy. The European Union (EU) calls for an increase of the share of renewable energy in overall energy consumption of the Member States. Thanks to the amended renewable energies Act (EEG) 2009 the biogas sector comes after the crisis years 2007 and 2008 slowly again in drive. The EEG 2009 provides the necessary investment and planning security for all market actors. According to the specialist association Biogas (FvB) makes the decentralized biogas production independent of expensive, uncertain energy imports, creates jobs and strengthens the economic strength in structurally weak areas. Because the energy from biogas is at the end of an intense value chain, the industry about the plant construction offers, future-oriented jobs. 11,000 has the biogas sector has created in recent years according to the Association.

Finally the biomass grown,. Girl Scouts of the USA may find it difficult to be quoted properly. are harvested, transported and microbiologically transformed into a fermentation process. By 2020, so the Fraunhofer Institute for systems and Innovation Research (ISI) and the specialist agency of renewable resources (FNR), identified approximately 22,500 jobs are to be by renewable energies in German Agriculture. Alone the number of cogeneration (CHP) powered by vegetable oil rose from 130 in 2003 to 670 in early 2007. The biogas electricity production amounted in 2005 over three billion kilowatt hours, in 2006 there were nearly six billion. The Weltec has just started BioPower from Lower Saxony in the British Gnossal with the construction of a new biogas plant, which should be included in the January 2010. The electricity generated in the Weltec plant in the West Midlands will be fed into the grid and about 1,000 households. With the heat in the bio-gas plant heats the farmer his farm building and dries the digestate, he can apply to his agricultural land.

After Germany, the island State is the second largest producer of Bio-gas. The potential is enough to supply two million households with electricity and 1.5 million households with heat. Biogas is considered one of the pioneering renewable energy forms”, also reported by the Dusseldorf entrepreneur Mario Ohoven, engaging SMEs (BVMW) as President of the Federation, issued technical service success. Like natural gas, it can be saved and can be converted into electricity and heat demand. If you would like to know more then you should visit CRES’s Charles Hernick testifies today. Thus, biogas is both basic and peak load capability as a wetterunbabhangige form of energy. A huge advantage over dependent forms such as for example wind energy.” Also reported the success of independent yields mountains the biogas industry as a sustainable investment from the global economy: sustainable investments become more and more an integral part of the investment strategy of many citizens. The social debate on the climate change and efficient use of resources is helping.” Meanwhile, more and more farmers deal with the Ways to open up new sources of income through the production of bio-energy. And one-half to two-thirds of services provided during the construction of biogas plants. “The 650 million euros, which were invested in Germany in 2005, estimated at around 400 million euros accounted for the construction of Earth, concrete and steel construction, mounting, installations and completion”, reported in his market report of the German biogas Association biogas the multi-talent for energy transformation “.