German Shepherd Dogs

Hounds are hunting dogs to track the prey and pursue tenaciously to corral it. Then, maintain the dam until the hunter arrives and gives death. In some cases, however, the hounds can give end to the life of the dam that cornered. Although there are many breeds of hounds, they have generally similar except for the size characteristics. They are dogs of an exceptional sense of smell that far exceeds that of other breeds of dogs, and therefore anti-narcotics dogs, dogs antiexplosivos and other specialties that require dogs able to detect small concentrations of odors are extensively used as search and rescue dogs. The smell of these dogs is so developed and is so important to them that odors tend to be major distractions when you them want to train. However, can be leveraged this so odors will serve as reinforcers and assist in training.

Hounds also tend to have elongated ears that hang to the sides of the head and reach the ground when the dog drops the nose to track. According to some authors, the long, hanging ears help to capture the air rising from the ground, favoring the ability of dogs to capture odors. However, there is no scientific reference for this, and may well be one myth many of that surround the dogs. In addition, tail hounds often white tip, and dark in the rest, to make it easier to detect the dog when in the undergrowth. Of course, Hounds have raised tail when they are active, allowing you to easily see your tip even if it not visible to the rest of the dog. Hounds of large size, as the dog of St. Hubert (Bloodhound) have been used for a long time to track down fugitive offenders, in addition to its traditional use for hunting. However, is currently prefer other races more versatile, as the German Shepherd or Belgian Shepherd malinois for these tasks.

For its part, the Hounds of medium and small stature, as the Beagle, commonly used for many different hunting activities. For example, as dogs detectors of explosives, narcotics, search and rescue. However, they are also very popular as pet dogs, since their appearance is very nice and they are very friendly dogs. If you wish to have a hound as a pet, whether carving large, medium or small, keep in mind that are dogs that often need plenty of exercise and tend to be noisy, that they have a serious bark and howl often. stas are characteristics that were set by genetic selection, since they favor the work of hunting hounds, and they cannot be removed with training. Original author and source of the article