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Brand Merten not only has a long tradition, but also seeks to gain a leading position in the global market. Wide range of products of the company – is not only switches and sockets merten, various wiring accessories, but also system technology for intelligent buildings. Subtle forms, high quality materials and user-serviceable panel considered distinctive features of the brand Merten here already for many years. Products company Merten ideally combine the advantages of technology and design. >Harold Ford Jr, New York City by clicking through. Particularly want to highlight merten sockets and switches merten. Straightforward and refined form of these products meet the highest requirements of modern architecture.

This charm clear forms, combined with a carefully thought-out color scheme. Through this outlet, and circuit breakers merten fit any decor and meet every taste. Material from izgotavlivayutya company whose products Merten, carefully selected and meets the highest standards of quality. The entire range of products Merten you can find in the Internet-shop 'Electric'.

Kitchen Cozy

Dining tables can be named "centers of life." After all, we not only eat them, but also engaged in various household chores or hobbies. This situation presents the most serious quality requirements lighting. The most important events happen in stolom.Blyuda with food should also be well lit as the faces of your companions for stolom.Podves or a chandelier over the table, which distributes the light in all directions, ideal fit and allows you to position lighting apparatus high above the table. Pendant lamp in a metal or a dark shade directs light right on the table. As a general rule, the lamp should be hung at a distance of 55-60 cm above table. In this case, the light does not hit him in the eyes sitting at the table and all is well see each other. For example, the renowned Italian lighting company ARTE LAMP, presented on the website A3542SP-1PB, A9366AP-1SS, A3498SP-1AB.

If you have a big long table, it makes sense hang over him for a few fixtures that would cover all its surface (A4177SP-5BR). Drain lamp allows you to change the diameter of the light circle, and the rheostat – to regulate the light intensity. Kitchen is a working space with its own specific requirements for coverage. Even light halogen or fluorescent lamps aimed at the working surface, facilitates the process of cooking and making it more secure. Highlighting cabinets built into the soffits (if glass doors) or ceiling spotlights simplifies the search for necessary items. Spotlights also be contributing to the background light cuisine, making its interior more interesting. Not so much important light on its own, how much light the relationship between the surroundings and a table with his company. You must create a warm atmosphere (eg, using a floor lamp).

Authors Exclusive Interior Design

Let me tell you something that is still such an exclusive architectural interior design. It would seem, not necessarily by booking a studio interior design copyright of the design project, to ask whether it will exclusive, since it is implied in the order on the author’s interior design. But here I would like to step back a little and ask whether you have seen at least once in selling ready-made design projects? If not, then losing a few minutes one of the Internet search engines to find them on sale will not keep working. Though mind you, they all copyrights, and were not created by machine or a modern program, and specifically in some designer. But that’s only exclusive already they do not, as such a design project apartment or cottage design project was not sold to one person, and, therefore, to him it was repairing and finishing facilities are not in one place. Perhaps then the question arises how You can apply the same design project to two different rooms with different sizes and the meter. It’s very simple. The fact that the change in the draft figures much easier than to redo the entire design, including a sweep ceilings, tile layout and the decor itself.

In fact, all ready to fit specific sizes, but none as not selected again, and do not contribute new ideas. So just the author’s interior design will always differ from exclusive copyright of interior design. Proceeding from this, ordering the project, do not forget to specify this seemingly small nuance. As for our company and our architectural design offices, we simply do not engaged in such activity as the sale of finished design projects. Our focus on the exclusive approach. Our target customers – the audience is solvent, which does not need stamps, and to the quality, convenience and exclusiveness, and by the way, the level of each of these we follow is not the first year.