Kitchen Cozy

Dining tables can be named "centers of life." After all, we not only eat them, but also engaged in various household chores or hobbies. This situation presents the most serious quality requirements lighting. The most important events happen in stolom.Blyuda with food should also be well lit as the faces of your companions for stolom.Podves or a chandelier over the table, which distributes the light in all directions, ideal fit and allows you to position lighting apparatus high above the table. Pendant lamp in a metal or a dark shade directs light right on the table. As a general rule, the lamp should be hung at a distance of 55-60 cm above table. In this case, the light does not hit him in the eyes sitting at the table and all is well see each other. For example, the renowned Italian lighting company ARTE LAMP, presented on the website A3542SP-1PB, A9366AP-1SS, A3498SP-1AB.

If you have a big long table, it makes sense hang over him for a few fixtures that would cover all its surface (A4177SP-5BR). Drain lamp allows you to change the diameter of the light circle, and the rheostat – to regulate the light intensity. Kitchen is a working space with its own specific requirements for coverage. Even light halogen or fluorescent lamps aimed at the working surface, facilitates the process of cooking and making it more secure. Highlighting cabinets built into the soffits (if glass doors) or ceiling spotlights simplifies the search for necessary items. Spotlights also be contributing to the background light cuisine, making its interior more interesting. Not so much important light on its own, how much light the relationship between the surroundings and a table with his company. You must create a warm atmosphere (eg, using a floor lamp).