Mercy Please

Almost in all our meetings we talked about God’s love poured out into our hearts and their characteristics, but this time we are going to talk about something that we have seen in writing but we have not received enough attention because we have confused it with pity or we have believed that you it’s the same love called in another way: it’s mercy. Although some translations of the Bible have confused the terms and sometimes used the word mercy or the word charity in replacement of the word love, we can say that all of human history has been the history of the mercy of God towards men. Mercy and love have much to do with each other, but are essentially different. Why talk of the mercy of God in your marriage and mercy towards the other as husbands. Our central passage will be Lucas 6, 36: thirst, therefore merciful, as your father also is Merciful. 1. The mercy of God in our home we said that this is the history of mankind: that God has had enormous mercy on us! As well, this also has been the story of our marriage! We saw a few months ago how Dios had endeavoured by picking us as partner with the other, as Dios cared very well choose the person who has by his side as a wife or husband, taking care to get it right in all the qualities that one would complement to the other. We also saw as he had also matched the qualities that you dreamed that his wife has! He chose us perfectly, put two people who complement each other perfectly and that did it for love. BUT THEREAFTER WE HAD UNITED BY HIS PURE MERCY! That is why you have been blessed because he himself said in Romans 9, 15 that he will have mercy on him that he have mercy and compadecera of which are pitied.