Camp Language

The summer poses a moment special for many families, since, while parents will surely enjoy their well deserved holiday, school recess is much more extensive, usually labour holidays, and consequently, the boys end up with too much free time. This creates a situation of boredom, and in many cases, disruptive behavior. Children are too long alone since their parents should keep working. It is difficult to find an alternative, creative, and, mainly, liked by children. A solution ideal, in this sense, are the summer camps in the United States for children and young people. This proposed type is becoming more common, and offers great advantages not only in terms of language development, but also for the small developed individually.

Be kept away from their parents for short periods of time (between two and three weeks) forces them to confront situations and solve problems with their own personal resources. This kind of experience also It develops the ability to work in team, and helps young people to relate to other people, and expand your circle of friends. One of the most notable benefits of camps for young people is the enormous progress achieved in terms of learning the English language. The key is the ability of managers to combine leisure and recreational activities with the use of the language. In this way, children learn in a fun and educational way. In the majority of cases, despite the fact that children and youth do not receive lessons in grammar and proper use of the English language, these concepts eventually imposed after intensive use that is given to the language. It is also very common that sports, to the liking of the majority of youth activities. This reinforces the spirit of camaraderie, and forces them to work towards the goal in common.

Magnetic Separator

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These devices are manufactured by using high performance of Sm Co disk and The combination of soft iron plate into a permanent magnet roll since the mid-1980s, most of the Nd Fe-B magnets to do disk Bat. the man manufactured Permrol child l grades common type magnetic separator, weighing about 0.5 t, the occupying space is 2 m3, higher than the same use of electromagnetic induction roller separator and the other cone crusher, jaw crusher, the conveyor belt is made of a strong Kevler49 fiber (poly fibers of the benzamide product name), its tensile strength is greater than the stainless steel, having the thickness of only 0.125. mm to reduce static electricity accumulation, with the top coat graphite. latest design is the Mark II machine with conveyor rail system allowed from side to side, extend its life, thereby reducing operating costs. processing coexistence ceiling is up to 100 mm, processing capacity is 60 Uh, Im roller Permroll permanent magnet roller with high intensity magnetic separation of the transmission power is about 0.2 kW; magnetic roller speed is 15-650 r / min. Permroll permanent magnet belt strong roller machine for the current processing capacity and material particle size, density and relevant than the magnetic susceptibility and other factors. IM roller treatment capacity is 3 to 5 t / h; deal with ferromagnetic particles which go through the spray drying is 2 to 3 Uh,.