How Estructuro a routine of sit-ups? Equal that with any other challenge that you propose in life, some nice and toned abdominals can be obtained more quickly with a little organization. An abdominal routine improvised not only give very few results, but that you could be delayed. There is a multitude of variations for the exercise routines to see which work best if you focus you on the belly. Frequency weight training is usually done every three days to allow the muscles to rest and recover. However, the abdominal muscles need to have greater resistance than other muscles they work constantly to sustain the internal organs and maintain good posture. Trains your abdominal a day Yes and another is not, or every time you do your cardio routine.

Series and replicates your goals regarding your belly will determine the combination of degree of resistance, series and repetitions that you use. If you’re looking basically to increase their strength and improve muscle tone, it performs exercises with moderate resistance, get some 25 repetitions per series and leaves that the number of series you make depend on how you feel at the end of each one! If you want to what is traditionally called an appearance of six-pack or laundry, with defined ultra muscle belly, uses high resistance, 10 repetitions per series and performs the largest number of repetitions that you can endure without hurting you. Sections abdominal begins with the lower abdominals first. These are generally weaker muscles and require that the upper abdominals are fresh and ready to stabilize them as you’re working them more vigorously. If the upper abdominals are tired you risk not achieving a good way with your lower abdominals exercises. For the same reason, the next region to work are the oblique muscles (those of the waist). These are usually those who follow in the line of the weakest.

Abdominal media and superiors may be left for the end. However, a time that you’ve worked well the lower abdominals and obliques to the point that can compare with the upper abdominals can put a bit of variety in the mix! Tips for structuring a good abdominal routine: tries to work your abdominals, as a general rule, on alternate days. Although it is not advisable to do weights with your muscles bigger on consecutive days, abdominal muscles recover more quickly. So if you skip a day you do not import done after two days in a row. He works the abdominal muscles at the beginning of your training. Abdominal exercises you need to focus on technique rather than in other movements, so get them when you’re fresh and you can concentrate on stress parts you need and relax the parts that are not necessary! Don’t forget to work the lower back also. You need a good strength in the lower back to help you withstand other abdominal exercises. Sorts your abdominals below, sideways, half and above the belly.


Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in economics, has written: if they want to know why the world crisis, look at it this way: is the revenge of the excess. Because beyond bankers, professional financial and political agents, the crisis is the result of excessive and wasteful, an economic model that, demonstrated until tiredness, it only serves to a minority. At the expense of the majority. Alona Tal has many thoughts on the issue. Serge Latouche, Professor of Economics of the University of Paris-Sud, also rejects this society’s excesses. Latouche is in favour of degrowth. Degrowth is repudiating the untouchable dogma of growth as the only way, because the history of the last half century tells us that growth does not prevent crises. Why Latouche believes that the crisis is good news, although he fears that Governments and economic powers do not attack the real causes of the disaster. Maybe they changed something. can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Perhaps so that nothing changes. They will maintain the current system, a capitalism based on growth, of fossil fuels and the industry’s automotive and that of brick and cement. Therefore, it is not only achieve greater regulation and control of financial institutions and banks, Yes. Nor of increased public spending, that also. It should throw overboard these guidelines, alleged immutable scientific principles, which make up the ill-fated Washington consensus: privatize everything, everything is market, reforming tax (read lowered them to the rich), liberalize interest rates, none of norms or rules for capital (banks and financial institutions make giving pleases them) but unfortunately there is no news that at the G20 in London will go to bury the consensus. United States and United Kingdom gambled for more public money to stimulate the economy, but they also wanted standards for large (hedge fund) risk investment funds, more capital for World Bank and IMF, supervision of agents and financial markets France and Germany demanded close control of the financial world: list Black tax havens, sanctions, supervision of executives remuneration, all hedge funds under control (not only the great) Finally, the G20 has agreed create a body with wide powers of supervision of the financial world, which stiffen the rules and oversee it.