The Screed

Thermoverbundvliese of protect & cover are 3 ver nadelt and thermally with recessed enamel fibers fixed/solidified (very abrasion resistant, higher mechanical protection and reusable) thus saving. 2. form + weight are the common dimensions of cover nonwovens 10x1m – 10 m rolls as they often in hardware stores for private users will be offered, 25x1m – 25 m and 50x1m – used 50 m rolls as you usually by artisans up to 50x2m – 100 m which Grossobjekteuren used roles. The m square weight or Grammage, also called, plays a crucial role in the protective mat to compare webs of from different vendors. Three factors play a role here, the cotton fibres (higher suction volume) which are lighter than polyester fibres, thickness and the density of the painter fleece. Note: Actually thin qualities can seem difficult, the weight is increased this eingenebelte moisture during production. Clearly this is often any smell.

Conclusion: a fleece is thick, dry, and at the same time denser, the fleece quality is higher 3rd color to reduce the colour options for the cover fleece grey is wrong. White or even bright colorful painter fleece avoids irritation of color in the shade selection and coating. Red protection and cover fleece, gives the viewer a very good impression “Roll your customers the red carpet out”. Also can mark the red signal colour on construction sites a way ideal. 4. areas of application in different application areas require different protection and cover materials. The question is always “what would you protect whom?”. Painter to protect the surface from paint and solvents, floor technicians to protect the parquet from moisture from below, natural stone Publisher the stone floor from discoloration and construction manager the screed or concrete floor from impacts from the top. Soon it becomes clear that different surfaces with different covering materials must be protected. SV50-1 G protection and cover fleece for painters and Renovators this absorbent non-woven cover nimmttropfende or spilled paint in the thermally hardened non-woven part on and prevents the solvent-resistant and fully on laminated new slide temporarily the contamination of the soil.