San Jose Theology

Reconstruction is becoming increasingly more urgent of the theology of liberation, that Calvinist thought can help effectively to strengthen methods and paradigms of social and political analysis necessary in times of revolution, the almost total failure of some Catholic and Protestant sectors that a time were identified with the TL and now boast without any shame, right positions, allies immorally with Latin American reactionaries and oligarchic powers, who once told combat. The greatest contribution that would give the Protestant sector committed to the liberation theology to the Latin American Revolution, demonstrating more political and ideological coherence than other sectors, is the enrich the discussion Biblical-Theological-Ideologica – political, with a reading of reality, from a vision more ethical, popular, biblical and politically committed to the profound changes that are occurring in our continent and the world. Increasing theological and professional training of many pastors, shepherdesses and leading laymen, in universities, seminars and faculties of theology in Latin America and other parts of the world, allows us to live the most recent stage of this theological itinerary, which already had described in a small but illustrative book, route of Christian theology, which ranked for the time of its last edition the destination in a transitional stage in San Jose. We now interpret that started a new theological and ideological, tour that begins to navigate from San Jose, to new geographic and ideological, destinations in the continent and the world, and may give new impetus to the liberation theology, in these times of Revolution. T L, can drive in the Venezuelan Revolution and international, a deep ethical analysis which can lay the foundations for the construction of a new humanity.