Roman Legion

However, Legion could not afford to rest, as they had to get away as possible from Cannae, taking advantage of the darkness of night to avoid being intercepted. After hours away, his exhausted body swayed. The wounds were beginning to paralyze her body, especially your leg. At one point worried about being lost, but finding a pair of soldiers Romans, and a dead horse knew he was the right way. When his body vanished falling sharply on the ground from exhaustion, she knew she could not more, had reached the limit. Were leaving the first rays of sun on the horizon.

Fortunately, Tercio found in leafy bushes to hide and rest. After lie in the shade beneath the branches, he fell asleep instantly. Between dreams could hear the hooves, the cries and the metal could not forget the violence of battle, but something changed, the fear and the fire subsequently poured over a major city until only a few ashes. This terrible scene suddenly woke Tercio. yRoma on fire? As a whole Roman Legion was very superstitious, so their sleep was disturbed. This indicated that the end of this war would be under a cloud of blood and destruction. After eating the few rolls that were passed on.

The atmosphere was quiet, too quiet, it appeared that Legion would not inconvenience if destiny, until something is filed. It was a group of men, many riders. He tried to approach without being seen to identify them. Yes, no doubt, Roman troops were probably taking a break.