American Daniel Hess

Now, being in the shop of home appliances in razdelePylesosy, we can choose a variety of models of these indispensable assistants housewives. Large and small, movable on wheels and portable, designed for wet and dry vacuum cleaners modern thought out and constructed with the latest developments, so that the cleaning of the house was as simple as possible and even enjoyable. And, looking at one of the new models for example, Electrolux or Miele, we can hardly imagine that once the machine for transport to cleaning carpets needed a van that is moved by two horses. Fyrchaschy Billy and the first water vacuum cleaner is exactly what happened in distant 1901, when British engineer Hubert Booth invented and presented to the housewives Fyrchaschego Billy fueled with gasoline. PCRM might disagree with that approach. Unit with a pump capacity of five horsepower parked at the curb, but rugs that are intended cleaning carried out. But it was forty years after the very first attempts to mechanize the process of removing dust. In 1860, the American Daniel Hess received a patent for a mechanical device, equipped with rotating brushes and fur to create air flow. Interestingly, as a dust collector used two water chambers for the deposition of dust.

Later this idea was widely used to create models of water- filter, but since it took many decades to come. Nine years after the invention of a device Hess Yves Makkafi of Chicago introduced a car called Whirlwind, reminiscent of a modern tower-type vacuum cleaner. Motor fan was powered by hand, which was pretty tiring, even in those days. .

Distinguished Russian Liner Design Murals

10 December 2010, Moscow – online store offers unique goods – children and adults boots, hand-painted by master artists. The main feature of this proposal is the possibility of putting on boots any image on request. For corporate clients, offers a service application to the boots company logo, drawing pictures, symbolizing the spirit of the company, or associated with the activity company. These boots will be a memorable gift for the partner or management company. They can also be a bright and eye-catching element of the costume promoter used for promotions.

In addition, they can be useful and practical element of the winter uniforms of employees. Buyers no doubt appreciate the benefits of these boots. After all, they are matted by hand from natural, environmentally friendly wool, and retain heat in the most severe frosts. Orthopedic boots have a lift, so the legs are not tired. It is important to note that the feet in these boots made of wool sweat less than in the boots with the fur. Since boots painted by hand, they may cause the image of any shape, size and complexity. Qualification master artists can paint the whole picture.

In addition, hand-painted to ensure uniqueness of each a pair of boots. Used high-quality paint is absorbed deeply into the felt, it does not fade and does not spread. After many years of wear pattern is not erased, it is very difficult even stesat blade. At customer’s request inscription or a picture can be outlined by a contour depicting, for example, powdered with snow. Currently the online store are 25 ready-made models adult boots, and 6 models of children. They differ in color, shape and course symbols. Painted in traditional Russian style, they will help its owner stand out from the crowd and still keep your feet warm throughout the winter, no matter what temperature records it may be put.

Buy Cookie Biscuits

This question is now more and more frequently confronts many people. It is popular abroad biscuits with a small piece of paper inside is becoming popular in our country. But the Internet and other reference stubbornly silent, as if unwilling to give an answer to this question. But the visitors restaurants will not want to just be satisfied with the duty chewing gum or chocolate bar, embedded in the bill. Each at the end of the evening, or want to read good advice, or a warning or farewell – all that can be written on a small piece of paper. That falls from broken into, like a little heart cookies. History of pastry can be found in the vast the Internet. And yet, how and what is done with the predictions of cookies, what are the features of what it still attracts people? In order to get the answers to these questions and more, our correspondent spent a few days.

Not so easy to find in a multi-million Moscow company, which manufactures biscuits happiness. Old Moscow was, as always, friendly and quiet, behind the thick walls of houses. Nothing suggests that it is here and is Biscuit happiness. Thus, in principle, it turned out. Here is a small office, and the actual production was concentrated in the Moscow region. Orlov, director of Cyrus made no secret of pride in it, are doing. – Our company is the only one who is engaged in manufacture and sale of biscuits with the predictions, or, as it is called, cookie fortune (Fortune Cookies) in Russia.