Egyptian Tarot

The message of the arcane greater XII of the tarot, the hanging, centered the varied consecuncias around a concept present in all religions: the notion of sacrifice. We are talking about a sacrifice voluntarily accepted as a way of spiritual growth and service to others. Although of course, the decks of tarot reading has changed with the passage of centuries, and logically the interpretation that this letter received in the old Egypt that which began to receive after the rise of Christianity is not equal. The evolution of mankind changes the viewpoint of those who read or consult the decks. And the baggage of ideas, beliefs and dreams with which each one appropriates the meaning of arcana deeply influencing the message of the letters.

For the Egyptian tarot, the hanging symbolizes the voluntary and selfless service of who goes into action moved only by the generosity. Speaking of the need to devote life to a higher purpose, although still do not understand it is with certainty, as a vital step to achieve the expansion and the growth at all levels. He who gives, receives, and he who is not demoralize by the obstacles in the way, reaches the goal. This letter also speaks of a stakeout in the values that guide the life of every one, since a path of deep spirituality who initiates begins to feel one ever-increasing by the material world detachment. The Gypsy tarot, on the other hand, takes the image of the hanging as a symbol of the restrictions that will be subjected that consultation in the near future. Here speaks of a higher power who guides the order of things, and that nothing serves to oppose. This deck speaks of difficult situations that can only be overcome through the generosity and sacrifice. The image that illustrates it is now the Scandinavian god Odin, which hung head down in exchange for greater wisdom. Therefore, one who is willing to give his life, then, will win it, and who is left to dominate by selfishness will lose himself. This arcane resumes within the decks of the Gypsy tarot reading the notion of desapego by the material world, and you can announce losses of this nature to whoever does the sole aim of his life of obtaining goods and riches. Juan Carlos Montillo

Real Madrid Basketball

Do in 1922 the Lord? ngel Cabrera believe the first basketball team in Castile. 8 Years after announcement in the newspaper ABC that were open to volunteers players. The Standard field was the site where they began their workouts. During those years the fields were discovered and the track of dirt or ash. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to agree. This sport in Spain had much welcomed by children of based South American or Spanish educated in America. Without hesitation Boy Scouts of America explained all about the problem.

In 1932 oficializo team. And with football already entrenched, the President of real Madrid wanted include other sports to exalt the club. Thus was born real Madrid’s basketball, which was gaining followers making it one of the best letters for the club. In 1952 arrives Raimundo Saporta, man really trained for management and organization of this sport. Thanks to their knowledge, the club became the largest in Europe.

The era which ruled Saporta white basketball, reached the highest levels of real Madrid’s basketball. In 1953-54 real Madrid’s basketball achievement to win the Championship of Castile of 1? and 2? and be champions of Spain. success surpassed two years later to take up with the Championship of Castilla, Spain, the tournament of the silver wedding of equipment and the international tournament in Portugal. The National Championship, where Real Madrid’s basketball turns out to be the first winner born in 1956-57. In 1966 they opened the Pavilion of sports of Real Madrid basketball with 1? Intercontinental Cup. The same year won League and Cup. 1967,1968 And 1969 they 3 get? and 4? European Cup, the national championship of League, get 4 Doublets League and Cup. In 1974, the 5? Cup of Europe and until the year 1979 wins the League consecutively fact that until today has not been able to repeat. After years of glory, Forester leaves real Madrid for basketball, and his successor, another legendary coach, Lolo Sainz. That year he won the Intercontinental Cup. In 1982 during the wedding at the club (50 years), took place a tournament, teams that real Madrid’s basketball won, took part as the Racing Paris and the Pirates of Lakenheat Americans. In 1983 the team did not win any title; In 1984 was the 1 achieved? European Cup Winners Cup and is born the ABC League, won by real Madrid’s basketball (two first editions). And a year later the 2? Saporta Cup. In the 1990s, the quality of the clubs grows, creating a difficulty for real Madrid’s basketball. Do though in 1992, 1995 and 1997 get 3? European Cup Winners Cup, the 8? European Cup and the 4? Saporta Cup. The new Millennium (2000) comes with very little financial support from the club, the withdrawal of key men such as Cargol, Antonio Martin, Sabonis and the discontinuity in the direction of the team. 2004 Brilliantly, wins the ABC League, in the last game and with a triple apotheosis of Alberto Herreros, to TAU. In 2006, he arrived as President Ramon Calderon. He hires Antonio Plaza, which in its first year, plays the final of the Copa del rey, and although he lost, months later get their 1? ULEB Cup, and finally the 30? League ABC, which viabilizaba a future full of hopes, with a template consolidated. Today real Madrid’s basketball remains icon and an example to be followed by the entrepreneurs around the world basketball teams, without commenting that increasingly more they are adherents to this sport and increasingly more division are admirers of the great history of the real Madrid basketball.