Bracelet Watches Zenith

If you live in the United States and has never heard of the company’s watches Zentith, you are not alone. This is a company that didn’t allowed to sell their clocks in the United States due to the conflict of copyright concerning his name. Although this company has been producing quality watches since it was founded in 1865, it has been until now recently that brand is receiving the recognition that deserves on American soil. Unlike many of the other watch companies, Zenith was not named by its founder. In this case, the company was founded by Georges Favre-Jacot, but your name obtained from the great mechanism called Zenith. It was such good quality and became so popular that the company took the name for itself. The company has not only produced its own range of high quality watches, too, over the years, has provided mechanisms to other companies.

If you are using a Zenith Watch it means you wear a winning piece of recognitions. This company has received more than 1500 medals top observatory and recognitions. All in relation to the accuracy and reliability of their chronometers and awards have been won between 1903 to the present. At a time when many watch companies have been struggling to gain any recognition, Zenith has brought home on several occasions many different honors and recognitions. The company has been bought and sold several times throughout its history.

The first sale was in 1970 when it was bought by the company watchmaker Movado. The following change of ownership came when it was purchased in 1983 by Paul Castella. His final change of owner wine in 1999 when it became part of the LVMH group. There are different lines of watches for which the company is known, but in terms of mechanisms one of the most famous is the first mechanism. This was initially introduced in 1969 but still runs to watches Chrono Masters and Grand Class the first lines.