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The second round started with the reorganisation of the hardware repair center. The appropriation of the repair and the repair order management are already running through the portal, in the future also estimates and invoices are to be created directly with the system. The registration of every day about 20 repairs will take only seconds. To do this, the portal database on mass processing was designed. The average processing time per repair should take only five days”, so Peter Haubold. Customers save own hardware management is a major benefit for the medium-sized proLogistik customers the up-to-date overview: customers see immediately, for example, they we have what hardware, which is under repair and is like the State of repair. This need not own hardware administration.” proLogistik itself benefits from the more efficient service contract review and a clearly improved competitive position.

Honorable comments came as buyers: the support has become significantly better. “A difference like day and night”, or: class is that we have access as a customer using a regular Web browser on the service data base. ” The proLogistik user on the other side is pleased with the centralized source of information. Without the system no one wants to work anyway,”grins Peter Haubold. Headquartered in Dortmund since 1983, proLogistik GmbH & co. KG proLogistik Group realized innovative system solutions in the field of warehousing and material flow control.

With 91 employees at three locations, the company has today 330 customers of all sectors across Europe including wholesalers such as REWE, carpet Kalyan, group, KIK or the Hagebau central warehouses. Among other things, the company introduced its first runs picking system proLogistik 1987. In recent years a new generation has been the speaker-independent pL-voice system brought by proLogistik with pure Bluetooth connection of peripherals on the market. Actricity Germany GmbH Actricity belongs to the Codex Holding AG, Rotkreuz / Zug and Actricity business portals demanding company with the innovative, Web-based 360-degree serves to build of customer – and service-oriented organizations and processes.