Scale is the relationship between the length of the segment drawn and represented by length. REDUCTIONS. The scales that are normally used for reductions, are set forth in the standard and are deducted all starting at: 1: 1 1: 2 1: 2, 5 1: 5 extensions. Scales indicated in the standard are normally used for extensions: 2: 1 5: 1 10: 1 life size scale is 1: 1. All scales used shall be indicated on the front panel of the plane, highlighting the main with larger characters. Secondary scales will also be indicated in the corresponding parts of the drawing. In general, everything will be drawn to scale, the parties off-scale dimensions will be underlined.

According to the technical building code, the plans must contain: flat. The project will contain as many planes as necessary to define in detail of the works. In the case of rehabilitation works drawings of the building will be included before the intervention. Location map **. Referring to the existing planning, with reference to locatable points and indication of geographical North. Site plan.

Justification urban, alignments, distance to edification, etc. Level of urbanization. Road network, connections, etc. General plants. Bounded, with indication of scale and applications, reflecting the fixed elements and furniture as required for the verification of the functionality of spaces. Covers planes. Earrings, collection points for waters, etc. Elevations and sections. Bounded, with indication of scale and dimensions of plant height, thick forged, total height, to verify compliance with the urban and functional requirements. Drawings of the structure. Description graphic and dimensional of all structural system (Foundation, supporting structure and horizontal structure). Those relating to the Foundation will include, in addition, their relationship with the immediate surroundings and the whole of the work. Facilities plans. Graphic and dimensional description of the networks of each installation, plants, sections and details. Drawings of constructive definition. Graphic documentation of construction details. Graphics memories.