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These are some of the best options: Send SMS from the Web. Web SMS a Ideal for people who need mobility, and the ability to send SMS from any PC with internet connection. a No need to download software or integrate it into your system, you send the SMS directly from the Web. Learn more at this site: BSA. a to recharge your balance via the Internet and send SMS text messages immediately. a SMS Program is an ideal for mass mailings. Just load the message and send. Send SMS from Email: Email SMS allows the integration of service with almost any email server a Able to implement the system quickly so that you can use a large number of people within the organization (eg a call center).

a is the ideal solution if you want your employees to access Internet Send SMS from PC: PC SMS a Ideal for everyday communication with colleagues, subordinates and superiores.a a The service is always on and you do not log on to an application from Send SMS from your business applications: SMS API a SMS services API to automate the sending and receiving SMS messages SMS service integrated directly into your software and web sites of your business. a To accelerate the development of applications, some vendors also offer software development kits fully compatible and you can immediately download for free how to: ASP, ASP. NET, C + +, C #, Delphi, Java, PHP, VB.NET, or Visual Basic. If you consider implementing a service for sending SMS in your organization is worth you request a free trial to test the services providers, on issues such as delivery reliability and usability of the programs you provide. It is also interesting that you avoid incurring additional costs Some product features that other suppliers specialized in sending SMS offer you free of charge. European Marketing Manager for international SMS service provider. We provide tools to send and receive SMS via Web SMS, PC SMS from Email SMS or integrate into your applications and websites directly with our SMS API.