New Year

Egypt, like Turkey, is deservedly popular with our visitors, and the flow of tourists is growing. Moreover, not all are satisfied with the rest, and not to be disappointed in the number of tourists should know in advance about the shortcomings of resorts in Egypt, however, as to the merits. The undoubted advantage is that you can buy cheap tours to Egypt in Moscow. In terms of value and Egypt can not compete none. In Egypt, you can relax all year round, not only from spring to autumn, as in Turkey and the popular resorts of Europe. There is also a wonderful advantages include the nature of the Red Sea – on a more or less close in all Seas poorer flora and fauna. Practically these core strengths and we can confine ourselves, but in reality it is very important advantages, which explain the popularity of resorts in Egypt. Shortcomings in Egypt quite a lot, and everyone decides for themselves how important they are and whether they outweigh the advantages.

First of all many do not like the behavior of local residents, who in the resort areas unnecessarily intrusive and is constantly trying to extract money. However, even among vacationers can also meet quite unpleasant personality. Staff quality hotel with an excellent job of work, but some hotels are lazy workers, always beg money, although his work is done poorly. Unfortunately, the low level of service can be found in some five-star hotels. Food is often tasteless and monotonous, but it also depends on the hotel. Nature in Egypt for outside of the resort is no different richness – almost everywhere except in the Nile, there are only some of the desert. To travel independently around the country, as it can be done in Europe, is not recommended.

In the summer resorts too hot and in winter – cool, though, it's worth noting that in Turkey and Europe in the winter even colder. However, if you choose to celebrate New Year in Egypt, be prepared for chilly winds and a restless sea. However, if you select a suitable hotel in the bay, and in winter you can sunbathe and swim well. The undoubted disadvantage and overcrowded airports, which are from the very start of the holiday to spoil the mood. It is extremely important feature of Egypt is that it is a Muslim country, and some tourists will feel uncomfortable in it. In order not to be disappointed in Egypt, one must first become acquainted with its features, as well as seriously planning to travel. You must select a reliable tour operator to all organizational problems solved it, and you're just resting. It is also extremely important to choose a good hotel, with better focus on the travelers' reviews. If you prepare well, and will take into account local conditions, vacation in Egypt only to leave you with a good impression.