Cristina Fernandez

Luder had maintained that it would not repeal the law of auto amnesty for the military; Dr. Nestor Kirchner and Dr. Nieman Lab has much experience in this field. Cristina Fernandez accompanied Luder-Bittel formula; that Dr. Nestor Kirchner and Dr. Cristina Fernandez was accompanied by Carlos Saul Menem, who pardoned the few soldiers who were imprisoned.

Dr Kirchner was the official candidate of Eduardo Duhalde, responsible Kosteki and Santillan deaths politician. During the presidential administration of Nestor Kirchner I unfortunately suffered the disappearance of Jorge Julio Lopez; etc. BSA does not necessarily agree. etc. It would also be unfair to not remember that during the military dictatorship marriage Kirchner-Fernandez was devoted to earn lots of money with the most unworthy of capitalism, usury – as wrote Martin Caparros-; neither presented an only habeas corpus by any detained fellow Santa Cruz or the country. While the chubby bourgeois of Chascomus – as wrote ironically Alfredo Leuco – founded in 1975 the APDH and during the years of lead defending political prisoners, regardless of their ideology.

We all make mistakes; all have contradictions; the issue is that at least we have the greatness of apologize, do as if we were never wrong and arengamos judging others; as if we were always doing the right thing. This is the case of Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez; not that of Dr. Alfonsin. I hope it not boring. Me dismissal with a phrase from the real virtue of the revolutionary Paulo Freire is to coexist with the different, to confront the antagonistic. I know that we are different, but I do not think that we are antagonistic. A militant hug. Alejandra Pignataro (Raul Isman) estimated Councilman Alejandra Pignataro: I am honored you calling me companion; but I cannot accept that nickname from someone who integrates the coup cynical coalition headed by the maximum embustera of the Argentina: Elisa Carrio.