To resign to the Forbidden Knowledge. These Knowledge take the contamination of the soul: ' ' You do not direct yourselves to the espritas nor to the adivinhos: you do not consult them, so that you are not contaminated by them. I am you, your Deus.' ' Lv. 19:31 All the Knowledge of the New Age had been inspired by espritos that populate air, are the angels who if had rebelled against God and that they form the Powers. ' ' I coated you of all the armor of God, to be able to be firm against the ambushes of the devil; because our fight is not against the blood and the meat (a person, a human being), and yes against the principalities and powers, the dominadores of this tenebrous world, against the forces spirituals of the evil, in the regions celestes.' ' Efsios 6:11 – 12 the Principality, Potestades and Dominadores form the Hierarchy spiritual of the Satan, the Fallen Angel. The devil is great the responsible one for the evil that affects the humanity. In its hatred imensurvel, it provokes illnesses, misery, vices, disasters, wars, homicides, prostitution, adultery, magnificent, critical, pride, vanity and many other harmful things to the relationship between the humanity and God.

To fulfill its objectives, it has lain, tries, is deceptive, seduces and accuses, with requintes of perversity. One of the phrases that better they describe the enemy is in the first letter of Peter, where it is identified as a lion to the watch of its hunting: ' ' Headquarters sober and vigilant. The devil, your adversary, walks in around; as a lion that ruge looking somebody for devorar.' ' 1 Peter 5,8 the Word says that it even transfers itself for Angel of Light. It can changed itself into any thing that wants. He dominates the art of the materialization and forms.

The Success

Hopes of conquests in all the directions, without if becoming attached the substance, after all in our mind are created ideas that serve as molds or matrices for the Mind of the Universe, although to be amorphous in the field of the thought, they become form when it folloies the flow of energy of the Universe, materialize in the reality. Many writers such as Nieman Foundation offer more in-depth analysis. Therefore I can have a prosperous life in all the directions, since that, exempt of the ego, based in the favours of the life and the respect to everything and all. One of secrets of the life and the success are the fact of its thoughts and attitudes to benefit the collective, since a simple ones hug to other acts of LOVE. The instruments for the construction of the faith are: to believe itself exactly, to respect the life, to practise the charity, to transmit love in the acts, to say positive words, to concentrate thoughts in noble virtues, to practise the balance of the emotions in respect to the physical body, to have conscience of the life in society, to search the knowledge on the espiritualidade without preconceptions, to open the mind for the experiences of life in favor of a society more balanced, to study the religions, to search the happiness real and true joust and, not that basing on material favours. Faith centered in the material world pulls down when goods part of or material power occur to the loss of, or still can provoke illnesses, these oscillations is as waves that if put into motion the wind in accordance with.

To believe that with these tools it is possible to arrive at a point of discovery of the life, a direction for our existence reality. How I learn to have faith? First making an auto-analysis of its action, of its feelings, of what it inside keeps of its heart and thought. If it will have hurts, you distress and misfortunes, you it is not in tune with the faith in itself exactly and nor with the religious faith, for such, it needs to exist unfastening in the gestures of day-by-day. How I make this? Part helps and has conscience of true nature of man, that is life, that is love, that is harmony, can be compared with a water cup, when places adobe it is muddy, but when filtering the water comes back its natural color, thus, also is true man, all can pass for a filter, through the conjunct and of the conscientious actions. The goodness in each act, the patience, the wisdom, overflows in a contagiante beauty illuminating its face and thoughts. The joy and the harmony start to be natural of its life and beauty of the attitudes its ideal.

The infinite provision fills your life, showing the return of the prodigal son to the Father. To pray assists in the balance of the thoughts and feelings. The true faith is composed for values that you only can construct, ' ' everything is become fullfilled when we act with autoconfiana' '. To believe that we are winning, without fear the life, the death or the illness, when alicerados in this new awareness, we renascemos as that a new sky and land. It swims exists that it can harm us, therefore, in that they have faith contemplates the true value of the life that is the LOVE.


He is through this problematic one, that the researcher has the chance to portray in its research, the conflituosas relations that the religions had not only played and play ones with the others in Brazil, but in the world. Still in the Brazilian present time, the main enemies of the catolicismo are the espritas protestants and. In such a way, he would be excellent to argue, as for example, the common and uncommon points that the protestant denominations have with the catolicismo, espiritismo and even between same them in the country and vice versa. The after-graduation in guideline stimulates in them to carry through a research of religious matrix, not ready, made and finished, but opened for new interrogations, and the religious phenomenon does not have separately to be analyzed of the questions politics, economic and social of one determined society. In the studies centered in the religious questions, also I had access information concerning the history of the education in Brazil, therefore the history of Brazilian education cannot be separate of the religion, mainly around the catolicismo and protestantismo. They are two religious movements that had arrived if to detach in such a way in Brazil for the foundation of schools of informal and formal education. The history of the education in Brazil initiated in century XV with the Jesuits.

A traditional education is mentioned to it where the Jesuit vision of the age always faced as absolute truth in accordance with the principles of the catolicismo. This truth was on the mind of those where the same ones if had considered to educate, as for example, the aboriginals and blacks. The education of this time was on with the economic proposals and politics of the colonial period, that is, when Brazil still was colony of Portugal. From century XVII the Brazilian education was influenced by the European leaders who were educators of protestant influence. The objective age ‘ ‘ the art to teach to everything todos’ ‘.

When observing this landmark where the protestant churches and catholics had been involved with the process of education in Brazil, becomes indispensable to study the educational process of the churches of our interest of research. Being that, the implantations of religious schools catholics and protestants, as the baptists, presbiterianas, Methodists, among others, were not only for enabling people to the work market, but to convert them, as the belief of its churches. The course of after-graduation in prominence, is not only atrelado in guiding in them for the writing of the research of our interest, but if it worries in our professional qualification, thus in stimulating to deal with the new transformations that the education faced and is faced in the present time in relation to education and learning. Also, the cited course longs for to not only enable a professor, but a researcher at the same time prepared to deal with the new transformations that had occurred and occur in the religions that are gifts in the history of the humanity. The professor when assimilating all these knowledge, never must keep for itself, therefore the same it must even though pass to the pupils and to all the pertaining to school community as a great experience of success, that it deserves to be enjoyed by all those that had not yet had the chance to carry through studies centered in the religions.