To resign to the Forbidden Knowledge. These Knowledge take the contamination of the soul: ' ' You do not direct yourselves to the espritas nor to the adivinhos: you do not consult them, so that you are not contaminated by them. I am you, your Deus.' ' Lv. 19:31 All the Knowledge of the New Age had been inspired by espritos that populate air, are the angels who if had rebelled against God and that they form the Powers. ' ' I coated you of all the armor of God, to be able to be firm against the ambushes of the devil; because our fight is not against the blood and the meat (a person, a human being), and yes against the principalities and powers, the dominadores of this tenebrous world, against the forces spirituals of the evil, in the regions celestes.' ' Efsios 6:11 – 12 the Principality, Potestades and Dominadores form the Hierarchy spiritual of the Satan, the Fallen Angel. The devil is great the responsible one for the evil that affects the humanity. In its hatred imensurvel, it provokes illnesses, misery, vices, disasters, wars, homicides, prostitution, adultery, magnificent, critical, pride, vanity and many other harmful things to the relationship between the humanity and God.

To fulfill its objectives, it has lain, tries, is deceptive, seduces and accuses, with requintes of perversity. One of the phrases that better they describe the enemy is in the first letter of Peter, where it is identified as a lion to the watch of its hunting: ' ' Headquarters sober and vigilant. The devil, your adversary, walks in around; as a lion that ruge looking somebody for devorar.' ' 1 Peter 5,8 the Word says that it even transfers itself for Angel of Light. It can changed itself into any thing that wants. He dominates the art of the materialization and forms.