Travel Insurance

Do you need health insurance to travel really and is today an international insurance? This is what many would-be vacationers ask yourself. Holiday booked – travel insurance in your luggage? On travel, you need a health insurance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Boy Scouts of America. Also the health insurance companies place their insured to the heart. Optimal travel preparation include not only information on required vaccinations, the compilation of the travel medical kit and the choice of the sun protection factor. Also the travel medical insurance, travel insurance and luggage insurance you should worry about. Who is statutory health insurance, the required health insurance companies also recommend it to a health insurance.

Many travelers overestimate their health insurance and assume that the reimbursement of costs as achievements, as is the case at home. This is a mistake. The insurance refunded what in this country also would take over though. Usually the treatment methods are but foreign Doctors with the German doctors may thrive on their patients. So, differences in height occur several hundred or thousand euros, the traveler is not refunded. A repatriation be refunded by the way, no health insurance. For these reasons is always a health insurance advised to complete no matter where the trip goes.

In some places, you need a foreign insurance to obtain services of the health insurance fund. You need it today for travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro as well as in Turkey and Tunisia. In the countries of the EU and the European economic area (EEA), the EHIC (European health insurance card) is sufficient. This is the chip card or health insurance card of the legally insured. This guide to the health insurance shows which countries are exactly and what you also should keep in mind. In other countries, as the aforementioned, and telescope there are no health insurance coverage. There, the health insurance is indispensable. You pay the return transport and compensates for the differences between medical bill and cash reimbursement. Who travels more, must also examine whether represents the alien other completed insurance, such as liability and household insurance, a problem. This short guide shows the most important travel insurance and explains what impact can have longer stays abroad on other insurance: travel insurance: summer, Sun… Insurance policy! It is said: If one does a journey, then he can experience what “.” It is hoped that in the own case only of positive events the speech will be probably, because also the unpleasant are unfortunately cannot be ruled out.