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This is confirmed by the letter T. Higa on October 1, 2007 to all users of the em in Russia, in which he recommends that apply on the effective microorganisms is in the center, considering him as their commissioner. In a statement the Japanese scientist says that he would "reaffirm their allegiance to emro, its partner organizations and distributors, who lawfully grounds represent us in their original territories and true technology of effective microorganisms being developed by me and emro. In addition, this statement I would like to give a clear answer to those claims of illegal, by various organizations around the world make in connection with my name, brand, and (or) with a research organization of effective microorganisms (EMRO) . T. Higa in 1994 in his book "Revolution, save the world", wrote: "I do not want the making of em technology monopoly, it should be accessible to all.

" But business ethics is ethics, not to mislead consumers. After all, the mass market is not an electron microscope, he did not know each microorganism "Face", is forced to rely on all producers. We must also bear in mind that the Japanese hold the know-how around the world work their experts, as, indeed, in Vladivostok, where he passed his product vy Severina. Recalls Secrets of Pepsi-Cola "when the ingredients are known, but how to mix them, know only technology company PepsiCo. In late November, an exhibition at the Exhibition Center "RosBioTech – 2007, where I finally managed to talk quite extensively with V. .