Santa Cruz

Some notes on concerned persons: the dictionary said that concern was: uneasiness, restlessness or fear that causes some thing. And its synonyms are: restlessness, uneasiness, anxiety, nervousness, anxiety, grief, discomfort uneasiness, apprehension, insomnia, anxiety, mania, neurosis imagine a concerned person trying to solve their problems amid concern, fear, discomfort, malaise, anxiety, etc. This is almost absurd. Frequently Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has said that publicly. However the traditional understanding gives to understand that a concerned person is precisely one that is paying more attention to their problems: is pre-ocupada in their treatment. The concern is not really a prelude to the troubleshooting process, concern is a consequence of poorly resolved issues.

Nothing WINS with concern, moreover, when the battle reaches that State already it is virtually lost. And it is a battle being waged with problems in the facts and although not always be win, this is not a battle that is undertaken for losing. Battle-hardened man extracts benefits both victory and defeat but plays to win. The worried man has already been defeated before fighting, because even when it reaches exceptionally well solve your problems he has lost serenity, tranquility and peace. knowledge.. This weakens the spirit for following confrontations and puts at risk the final triumph in life. Neither Miss people who claim to seek to avoid the existence of imaginary problems and concerns stripe in a ridiculous naivety.

Finally, after life is not a cup of milk to nobody and these people cry because we become aware of the harsh reality and put his feet on the ground. And you can say them? Also bordering on the ridiculous that from here it advocates the existence of imaginary problems or call people to be concerned. This isn’t anything reasonable, because finally it is understandable having has his feet on the ground but nothing obliges to have head to the height of the feet. All about quality of life. This has to be the paradigm and some have to give all that lead there as well. Understood in this sense that all problems have a solution helps a lot, streamline it incomparably contributes to personal growth. There is no margin of error or no risk to say: if not is no solution, NO problem! Let us remember this every day because it will increase our faith in victory so wonderful. And well we has been told by a wisdom higher that faith moves mountains data of the author-Carlos Eduardo Nava Condarco, native of Bolivia, resides in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, has 45 years, is Manager of business and entrepreneur. Currently managing partner of the CHAINS SRL company, Manager of the restaurant chain’s Taxi Subs, Pizza one, Chifa Box, Clocks, Buenos Aires Grill, Family Center and Big Ben.