SIM Card

If your phone is completely fell into the water, you first need to pull out of the device battery. In no case do not include the phone! Immediately thereafter, take out sim card. If you can not save the phone (and, respectively, contacts stored on the phone), it is likely that the SIM card will not be affected and the information stored on it, not to sink into oblivion. By the way, if so you should duplicate the phone book on SIM card. If model of your phone allows you to remove the case, then it must be done immediately after removing the battery and SIM card. Housing can be put aside, we still are interested in the salvation of the device. Now your phone (Or rather, what is left of it), ready to fight moisture. Thoroughly dry the phone with paper towels.

You can also dry it with cold (!) Air dryer or vacuum cleaner. In no case do not dry the phone hot air dryer, it can cause corrosion and subsequent failure of the chip unit. The phone must be immersed in a bowl of raw rice (rice cereal). Rice has the property to absorb moisture and even extend that will be on hand for you and your phone. Leave your phone in a pot of rice for several hours. If your phone does not fall into the water, but it only got a certain amount of fluid that may be enough to dry it natural way – leaving him to lie down for several hours in a dry warm place.

Well, now it is a crucial moment – the collection of your phone and check it is working. Assemble the unit and check that it works or how before. If the worst predictions have not come true and the phone still works, remember that your phone without a trace of such an incident will likely not pass. Without complete disassembly unit is almost impossible to get rid of Moisture trapped in the phone circuits. It is possible for that after the phone is active corrosion progress until they are completely broken phone. If the phone still could not be saved, do not be sad! Go for the purchase of new to our online store of Chinese copies of phones!