Frankfurt Team

Income support socially disadvantaged children benefit Dirk Nowitzki is not only since his victory with the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA playoffs as German Vorzeigesportler in overseas. Also due to its many actions of charity, the German basketball player in the US is a recognized and popular sportsman. On Sunday, the 23rd of June, Dirk Nowitzki will change the sport and meets with an all-star selection on the team of the German national team goalkeeper and Champions League winner Manuel Neuer. It has invited some high-profile friends of television, entertainment and sports, to play together in the Flyeralarm arena in Wurzburg for disadvantaged children. The total income of the charity game under the motto “team-up for kids” benefit the project by LitCam “Football meets culture”. The event starts at 15:45. Tickets for the exclusive event were sold out within a short time. On television at home, yet, the game can be traced to Kabel1.

The well-known “ran” presenter is Andrea Kaiser on the sidelines again for the one or the other make charming interview. Basketball and football expert Frank Buschmann is intended as a commentator. Well-known athletes are expected who exactly everything about the event will participate, have not yet announced the organizers. However, some of the names who will join the team Nowitzki or the team of Manuel Neuer, were released. Among other things the Schalker talent Julian Draxler, the Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, his teammate Mats Hummels and internationals Lukas Podolski have firmly pledged.

Still some of the most famous stars of the basketball Bundesliga, the football expected team and successful athletes from other sports like for example the Beach Volleyball Olympic champion Jonas Radke. The project LitCam “Football meets culture” the football project of the LitCam was launched in 2007 in Frankfurt in life and has himself is meanwhile extended to many locations in Germany such as Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. Goal is to socially, a base for social competence to give and the disadvantaged children for a To create interest in education. This emphasis is especially on promoting the German language skills of children, which is the Foundation for a secondary school. In cooperation with other aid projects and institutions such as the German Football Museum events are always organized, whose Einnahmen fully benefit from the promotion of socially disadvantaged children.


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